This is a very strong zerg build versus Terran and Protoss. Use it every game and you will be promoted to GM soon!

Build Order

Why is there no SALT encoding or Overwolf build?

  13    Drone  
  13    Overlord  
  14    Drone  
  15    Drone  
  16    Drone  
  17    Drone  
  16    Hatchery  
  17    Drone  
  18    Drone  
  17    Extractor  
  16    Spawning Pool  
  17    Drone  
  18    Drone  
  19    Drone  
  19    Overlord  
  22    Queen  
  22    Metabolic Boost  
  25    Queen  
  29    Baneling Nest  
  31    Overlord  


Build just 19 drones, build zerglings non-stop, when you bust morph 6 banes and crash into a barrack to destroy 2 supply depots, instead of one and ZvT and ZvP will be your favourite matchups!

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