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Hellraiser's Sentry first into blink disruptor

PvP Economic by Gemini_19 

From Hellraiser we get to see, what I guess, is a continuation from last week where we do some more blink disruptor play! With how popular Stargate builds have been lately (seriously, the amount of games I had to go through to not find a Stargate variation was absurd) there has been some blink builds also coming back to try and gain an advantage vs them.

Swarm Host

Railgan ZvP - Anti Cannon Rush - SWARMHOST

ZvP Economic by railgan 

Did you run into another Protoss who opens with a Pylon at your natural into mass Cannon / Shield Battery / Stalker / Immortal? Well I have the answer to your troubles! Enjoy the defensive 1 Base approach that will show your Opponent the Strength of Roaches, Swarmhosts and Nydus Worms.

Warp Prism

PartinG's 3gate prism into blink disruptor

PvT Timing Attack by Gemini_19 

PartinG used to be one of the strongest, entertaining, and charismatic Protoss players in the world. This build is in perfect PartinG style as he utilizes an early attack that can easily kill an unprepared Terran but also set himself up for the mid game and some even more fancy blink stalker disruptor play.


PvT - Build Order to counter very agressive Terran

PvT Economic by zuka 

Welcome in this tutorial about playing against a very aggressive terran (in French). After watching this guide, you will know how to play against this kind of player without a lot of micro. The build order that is used id dedicated to Protoss vs terran. This tutorial explain you each step and each reaction that you can use to hold things like : fast banshee, tank marines all-in, scv pull etc...


SCAnalysT - Analysis of how to go mech in TvT

TvT Economic by Sc2AnalysT

Builds like this one have been getting a lot of traction over time, and I decided to do an analysis based on some pro replays I found on how to go Mech in tvt with a cyclone mid-game!


PiGs Mech TvZ

TvZ Economic by PiG 

Pretty straightforward mech build with many details that can improve your play. Hitting a crisp hellbat-cyclone timing is key as that's your first real pressure. I tend to use a non cloak banshee with it as a bit of bonus damage and of course to keep me safe against rushes. However if you prefer 2 banshees and cloak, or a liberator, or even a raven, any of those can work also.


Railgan ZvP - 1 Base Speedling Macro Opener

ZvP Economic by railgan 

Ever since Chronoboost changed I keep losing a lot of Drones to the first two Adepts. Additionally, I also make 6-8 Slow Lings and still take damage. That is deeply frustrating and made me look for a Solution. The Solution I came up with is a very economic 13/12 1 Base Speedling Opener. I use the early Ling to put pressure on my Opponent while I double Expand into 3 Base Hydra.

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Best Build Order Raynor Easy Expo

TvX Co-op by hunter 

One of my favorite commanders to play and he has a very high skill cap. Raynor is the only commander that can out mine a map and get more income than max saturation, use this to your advantage. Make at least 3 orbital command centers. You should have a Orbital for every 5 mins of the total mission time. IE a 20 min mission should have 4 OC.


Best Build Order Zagara Easy Expo

ZvX Co-op by hunter 

Zagara has always been one of my favorite commanders, for many reasons. My favorite reason is the sheer joy of watching entire attack waves melt under Banes and Scourge. Her macro is similar to Nova as she doesn't need much to get every upgrade and access to every unit. Queens or extra Hatches should be added to increase Larva production.


Best Build Order Karax Easy Expo

PvX Co-op by hunter 

Karax is a great commander for defense but did you know he can be great at offense? All build that center around offense can be useful in their place, but Carriers are good against any build from the enemy. With this build you will have extra minerals so be sure to make cannons as they will give you more time to get into place or just make a good location to rally your new units.

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