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Swarm Host

Railgan ZvT / ZvP - 2 Base Swarmhost Nydus

ZvT Timing Attack by railgan 

"The Swarmhost is an useless Unit", "After the Nerf why even build Swarmhosts", "2 Base Zerg isn't viable" ... these are all things I have been told and I am here to correct the World by showcasing my 2 Base Nydus Swarmhost Style.


herO's 3gate blink all in

PvP All-In by Gemini_19 

I usually like to diversify who I rip builds from but herO has been on fire recently so I'm doing another build from him. This one was also played very recently in the Peopleimage StarCraft League qualifiers. A lot of Protoss have been opening for stargate in PvP recently, whether it be oracles or phoenix, so this 3gate blink all in should be a good way to end the game quickly in your favor.


Innovation's TvP Cyclone Mech

TvP Economic by Pursuit

The goal of this build is to set up a powerful early economy and go into a heavily upgraded cyclone based 2-2 mech push around 9:30. You open with 4 cyclones which provide powerful all-around early game defense and are the key to holding most forms of early aggression- stalker pressure, stargate units, fast warp prism, ect, so it's important you keep these alive.


herO's 8 gate +1 gladept immortal all in

PvT All-In by Gemini_19 

Just like I did a macro PvZ build after showing an all in build in the introductory BotW, I'll be switching from a macro PvT build to an all in build for the first standalone post 4.0 PvT BotW. Although stalkers and shield battery contains are all the rage right now in PvT, this build by ROOT.herO showcases a different strength added to the protoss arsenal with patch 4.0 and that is chronoboost.

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