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Dark Templar

Zest's 6 Adept into DT

PvP Timing Attack by Gemini_19 

After Zest showcased his 6 Adept into Stargate build in last season's GSL Code S, it has become a staple of PvPs everywhere. As natural evolution would have it, I present to you this mind game MMR buster build: 6 Adept into DT.


Trap's Oracle into phoenix/chargelot bust

PvT Timing Attack by Gemini_19 

Back in the 2014/2015 days when Trap was first starting to make a big name for himself he earned the nick name The Winged Commander for his exceptional Stargate unit control. Nowadays he is still finding big plays with those same units and loves opening for Stargate in all three match ups. It's his go-to in PvT and has been showing off this style a lot recently on stream and in online tournaments.


PvT - Proxy Tempest ! (with VOD)

PvT Cheese by zuka 

This Build order is an all-in in Protoss vs Terran. It’s really powerful and can be done at any level ! The goal is to use oracle to reveal units, use tempest to kill them and use shield battery to heal your tempests. You need to pressure him and you will win slowly :)

Swarm Host

Railgan ZvP - Anti Cannon Rush - SWARMHOST

ZvP Economic by railgan 

Did you run into another Protoss who opens with a Pylon at your natural into mass Cannon / Shield Battery / Stalker / Immortal? Well I have the answer to your troubles! Enjoy the defensive 1 Base approach that will show your Opponent the Strength of Roaches, Swarmhosts and Nydus Worms.


SCAnalysT - Analysis of how to go mech in TvT

TvT Economic by Sc2AnalysT

Builds like this one have been getting a lot of traction over time, and I decided to do an analysis based on some pro replays I found on how to go Mech in tvt with a cyclone mid-game!


PiGs Mech TvZ

TvZ Economic by PiG 

Pretty straightforward mech build with many details that can improve your play. Hitting a crisp hellbat-cyclone timing is key as that's your first real pressure. I tend to use a non cloak banshee with it as a bit of bonus damage and of course to keep me safe against rushes. However if you prefer 2 banshees and cloak, or a liberator, or even a raven, any of those can work also.


Railgan ZvP - 1 Base Speedling Macro Opener

ZvP Economic by railgan 

Ever since Chronoboost changed I keep losing a lot of Drones to the first two Adepts. Additionally, I also make 6-8 Slow Lings and still take damage. That is deeply frustrating and made me look for a Solution. The Solution I came up with is a very economic 13/12 1 Base Speedling Opener. I use the early Ling to put pressure on my Opponent while I double Expand into 3 Base Hydra.

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Best Build Order Alarak [Easy Expo]

PvX Co-op by hunter 

Alarak has some of the most powerful units in the game, Ascendants. When fully powered up they can clear entire attack waves with ease. Just spam orb and watch the enemy disapear. This combined with a really powerful Hero and you can take on anything. The hardest part about Alarak is his mobility, his entire army is very slow.


Best Build Order Fenix [Easy Expo]

PvX Co-op by hunter 

Fenix has come a long way from the beginning and has gained a lot of power. All of the real DPS in his army is in the Hero Units. My favorite heroes are Taldarin, Clolarion, and the Warbringer. These units have the highest HP and have really good buffs. I find getting a hero and upgrading then getting an other is better than massing just one hero until you have all the heroes you want.


Best Build Order Dehaka [Easy Expo]

ZvX Co-op by hunter 

Dehaka is so much fun to play and if you can micro well he will never die and can solo any attack wave. Call downs are the best for clearing bases as they have good AOE and good sustained dps. Always be on the look out out psychic units because if you eat them you will get a super powerful AOE attack. Make sure to get your call downs asap and then transition into Mutas.

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