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PvT - Proxy Nexus / Macro (with VOD)

PvT Cheese by zuka 

This is a very cheesy build order that works against all races (you can do it better with a cannon rush in PvP if you want).

Widow Mine

Utopiens Banshee Mine into BC Mine Build

TvP Economic by utopien

The general concept of this build is going skyterran. Toss nowadays don't expect speed banshees in masses. Use them to snipe nexuses and cripple the opponents economy as much as you can. The mines are used over the entirety of the game to keep the toss army in check.


PvZ - HuShang's Double Stargate Phoenix

PvZ Economic by hushang

Very defensive + solid playstyle. Viable for beginners but can also be viable all the way up to the pro level. Gives you tons of control & map presence in the mid-game allowing you to harass/scout/place pressure on the opponent. This is one of my most recommended builds for beginners as it removes mutalisk from the pvz equation.


ZvP - Armani's Mass Zergling (with VOD)

ZvP Cheese by zuka 

This replay comes from a Tournament: Aramani vs Zest. This build order is the standard mass zergling.


TvP: 1-1-1 with fast 3CC using Tanks and Banshees

TvP Economic by Maxilicious 

The current trend in TvP is to get a fast third Command Centre with 1-1-1. This build is one popular variation of this style. It uses Siege Tanks and Banshees to gain an advantage in the early game, and it later transitions to standard bio macro.


Zest's 4 Gate Gladept into DT

PvZ Timing Attack by Gemini_19 

This is a build that has been creeping up a bit over the last few months. I've seen a couple different Protoss players pull it out in various online cups and such, but Zest brought it out swinging at IEM in combination with his non-DT version as well. The fun part about this build is that it's essentially two builds in one.


Railgan ZvZ - 2 Base Mutalisk 2020 Version

ZvZ Timing Attack by railgan 

The Year is 2020 and Mutalisk Play is starting to be respected again. I am here to bring you the goodest of good 2 Base Mutalisk Guide. The Goal of the Build is to safely get out Mutalisks on 2 Bases while taking a 3rd and slowing down our Opponents economy.

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