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PvP - 2-Gate / Robo pressure (VOD)

PvP Timing Attack by zuka 

This build order is really strong against most of standard playstyle. You open with a 2 Gates with a fast robo.


TvP: Widow Mine drop with an earlier third CC

TvP Economic by Maxilicious 

This is an economic build that takes advantage of the current TvP trend. It uses a Reaper expand and proceeds to a 1-1-1 with an earlier third Command Centre.


TvT: Battlecruiser rush

TvT Economic by Maxilicious 

At the end of the last patch, players are using [a wide range of openings that converge to the same Raven and Viking build. Whatever mainstream builds you used in the last patch for TvT are still the metagame builds. This build starts with a familiar three Reapers and two Hellions opening.


TvZ: Battlecruisers + Hellions standard build

TvZ Economic by Maxilicious 

The combination of Battlecruisers and Hellions is very popular in the match up now. The build can transition to either mech or bio, but mech is the more common option of the two.


ShoWTimE's Proxy Oracle Expand

PvP Economic by Gemini_19 

ShoWTimE gave us a good example of that with his proxy Oracle expand build. It uses some of the mindgames and early aggressive plays to gain an edge while also expanding behind it to continue into a normal game. Even though proxies have been memed on, it's still a good way to play to keep your opponent guessing and also pick up some free wins if they aren't diligent in their scouting.


Trap's 2 Base Colossus

PvT Economic by Gemini_19 

Trap showcased the best PvT of the year in 2019 so it's only appropriate that we take a look at one of his builds for the end of the year patch. Various heavy 2 base styles have become popular out of Terrans recently as well, so this quick Colossus style can be a great way to deal with these pushes if you don't prefer defending with mostly Gateway units.


ZvP double ling elevator into bane drops -Starlord

ZvP Cheese by PiG 


MASS Ling Style - Starlord Build

ZvZ Timing Attack by PiG 


Lowko's Fast Roach Max

ZvT All-In by lowkotv 

Good build for newer players because they're very strong. Get your economy going and defend against Hellions with Queens and Zerglings so that you can put your Roach Warren down around 5:00. Check out this guide of Serral's ZvT for more

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