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PvP - Proxy double robo vs Cannon rush (with VOD)

PvP Timing Attack by zuka 

This build order is a counter to cannon rush when you react to late against them: Proxy double robo. You can do it with your scouting probe as soon as you see the cannon rush.

Swarm Host

The Cheeky Butthead Build - Swarm Host Nydus ZvP

ZvP Cheese by PiG 

2 overlords spotting the 2 best nydus spots as far from each other as possible. A few lings nearby incase the ovies die. Nydus on opposite sides. Ctrl click or box locusts as soon as you launch them and manually click them towards the juicy targets - then swoop them in


PvZ - Cannon rush Into Macro ! (French VOD)

PvZ Timing Attack by zuka 

This is a macro oriented Build Order. You start with a standard gate expand and if you see a standard hatch first from your opponent, you had a forge à 20 and you cannon rush the natural expand. After that, simply expand and start playing a macro game. You have to had a really fast robo because the standard counter to a cannon rush is a fast roach playstyle.


PiG’s Reactor hellion Expand TvT

TvT Economic by PiG 

This build is essentially a 3CC double raven + viking + tank, tech-unit focused build. You want to turtle up initially and only explode into a dynamic game after 3-bases+. Your attack timings are: 1. Early reaper backstab 2. 6-8 hellion dive on natural 3. 2-ravens, 2-4 vikings and 2-3 siege tank “air superiority” push 4. 3-base onwards standard marine-tank pushes


Trap's 2 Adept into Blink/Robo

PvT Economic by Gemini_19 

Blink/Robo has been popular in the PvT meta for quite a long time at this point. I've only been doing Robo first variants in the recent months however, with DnS' build being the last time I featured a Twilight first variant, so I thought I'd give a more updated version of that for those interested.


TvP: SpeCial's Hellions Banshees

TvP Economic by Maxilicious 

This build uses Hellions and Banshees. These units threaten to kill Probes and have the potential to bluff the opponent you are going for mech.


TvZ: SpeCial's fake bio into mech

TvZ Economic by Maxilicious 

This is a standard macro build with a Reactor Hellion opening. The twist is to fake that you are going for a bio transition, but in fact you're going for a mech composition.


Railgan ZvP - 1 Base Speedling Nydus

ZvP Cheese by railgan 

The Nydus Build to end all Nydus Builds. Opens with a 13 Gas 12 Pool Speedling Build and end it with 30 Lings in their Main before 4 Minutes.


Lowko's Fast Roach Max

ZvT All-In by lowkotv 

Good build for newer players because they're very strong. Get your economy going and defend against Hellions with Queens and Zerglings so that you can put your Roach Warren down around 5:00. Check out this guide of Serral's ZvT for more

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