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Siege Tank

HuShang's Easy Beginner Terran Build Order

TvP Timing Attack by hushang

This is a very easy beginner friendly terran build order you can use. It's originally a terran vs protoss build order but I think it works quite well for beginners vs all races.


ZvZ - Roach +1 Timing - Beginner Build (with VOD)

ZvZ All-In by zuka 

This build order is really easy to execute. He is designed for beginner or new player who want a solid build order to improve and to reach a good level. The goal is to do a strong +1 Timing and win the game on it. You can use the macro version by adding the third at 5min.

Void Ray

PvZ - goblin's SkyToss (with French VOD)

PvZ Economic by zuka 

This Build Order comes from goblin. It's macro oriented with a Void/Carrier playstyle.


HuShang's Blink Colossus Chargelot

PvT Economic by hushang

Very powerful protoss build order vs terran. We begin with observers for scouting, blink for helping to defend terran early pressures and then transition into a formidable colossus/chargelot army which should safely get you to the mid-game phase!


TvX - ViBE B2GM Mech Platinum (June 2020)

TvX Economic by Spazzola

**This build contains an SCV scout and no bio. It is defensive until maxed.** Of course, adjust depending on what you scout. You will have adequate Siege Tanks/Hellions to repel any early ground aggression. If you scout air, you can easily switch Tank production into Cyclones. You will also have a reasonably timed Engineering Bay to get adequate turrets built.


Railgan ZvZ - 2 Base Mutalisk 2020 Version

ZvZ Timing Attack by railgan 

The Year is 2020 and Mutalisk Play is starting to be respected again. I am here to bring you the goodest of good 2 Base Mutalisk Guide. The Goal of the Build is to safely get out Mutalisks on 2 Bases while taking a 3rd and slowing down our Opponents economy.

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