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TvP: All-Rounder Ladder Build

TvP Economic by Maxilicious 

This is an all-rounder economic build for ladder. It is safe build with multiple scouting options and three Command Centres.


PartinG's 17 Nexus - 3 Gate Pressure (with VOD)

PvT Timing Attack by zuka 

This build Order (known has the Parting's Adept Twister) has been played vs INnoVation during IEM Katowice 2021.


Parting's Adept Twister

PvT Timing Attack by hushang 

This build is a really fast gateway timing attack that hits at around 3:17 with 5 or 6 adepts. It's quite difficult to execute perfectly, so I labelled it as "hard" but I think most players could hit a reasonable time with enough practice. It's a super fun build that breaks a lot of the opening norms we're used to. You're really going to crush a lot of Terrans with this build.


PvT - Colossus & Phenix Macro (with VOD)

PvT Economic by zuka 

This build order in really easy to execute. He is designed safe and macro oriented. There is many scout timing and you can adapt to your opponent all game long. The goal is to do a standard Gate Expand opening and then go to a fast Colossus / Phoenix playstyle. This build can be done in all league.


Railgan ZvT - 3 Roach Opener 2021 - Allin Version

ZvT All-In by railgan 

The Goal is to either kill the Terran player or contain him on 2 Base while you drone up your 3rd Base.


The Chadray Annihilator - Queen-Ling Nydus

ZvP All-In by PiG 

Are you sick of chadrays bullying you? Having your 4th base sniped repeatedly? Cornering them to only have their millionaire father bail them out with recall? Well NO MORE. Here’s a simple rush that’s guaranteed to get some salty Protoss tears!


The German Taxi - (Queen Rav Ling Dropperlord)

ZvP All-In by hushang 

This build is a direct response to stargate openers in PvZ. The idea is to transport your queens inside dropperlords (The German Taxi's), and hit protoss very quickly with ravager-ling while being defended from protoss air units by the queens.


HuShang's Safe Terran vs Terran Build Order

TvT Economic by hushang 

Very safe and solid build order that you can use as your main ladder build. Although there are some potentially difficult points in tvt to defend, this build gives you all the tools you need to stay safe and make it to the middle and later stages of the game.

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