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Dark Templar

sOs' Sentry first expand into DT

PvP Economic by Gemini_19 

We did it, we found a build that doesn't open with a stargate. They're quite rare nowadays but they do exist. With phoenix and oracle openers being so prevalent in PvP now there have been some counter builds trying to come up to punish them. Blink openers were always there in the past and now some DT builds have arisen again to really punish the lack of detection that stargate openers offer...

High Templar

Trap's 3 Oracle into chargelot/storm

PvT Economic by Gemini_19 

Trap is someone who loves to take standard styles and put his own subtle tweaks on them that revolve around great multitasking and counter harassment to gain edges that allow him to snowball a victory. This oracle into chargelot/storm style is an excellent example of that.


Nova Co-op Guide from Team Liquid

TvX Co-op by StoicLoofah

Nova’s structures produce units via a cooldown system, with up to five charges building up over time and units being instantly deployed to any visible part of the map. Due to the nature of this system, it is not likely that you will be able to spend your resources optimally on only one or two unit types — a mixed group of units is the standard in a typical Nova army composition.


TvZ 1 base Ghost Hellbat Opening

TvZ Cheese by PiG 

Take your 2nd gas a bit earlier around 1:00 (17-18 supply) to make this a little more efficient. Fun cheese that can potentially transition into macro. Snipes REKT queens/roaches. Hellbats do the rest.


PiG (TvT 2 Reaper Hellion Expand)

TvT Economic by PiG 

Solid opening, very safe. If using 1-base 3:30 ebay for banshees Vs 2-base scout or scan by 4:30, for 4:30 ebay for banshees Just follow this for the start. You can go medivac double cyclone drop, or into viking and defensive cyclone vs banshees.

Swarm Host

Railgan ZvT / ZvP - 2 Base Swarmhost Nydus

ZvT Timing Attack by railgan 

"The Swarmhost is an useless Unit", "After the Nerf why even build Swarmhosts", "2 Base Zerg isn't viable" ... these are all things I have been told and I am here to correct the World by showcasing my 2 Base Nydus Swarmhost Style.

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Solar v Zest: Game 5 - Abyssal Reef LE


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