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Dear's Oracle into phoenix/colossus

PvT Economic by Gemini_19 

I'm still riding the Dear hype train, I'm becoming a #BigFan of his play lately. Despite an unfortunately underwhelming Ro8 exit to a dominating Zest, Dear has still been showing some great games outside of the GSL as well. In the Olimoleague May Finals he had some nice PvT series vs Ryung and GuMiho with some very solid Colossus centric styles, including this one.


PvX - Easy Beginner Protoss Build Order ! (VOD)

PvX Economic by zuka 

This build order in really easy to execute. He is designed for beginner or new player who want a solid build order to improve and to reach a good level.The goal is to do an early pressure and to go on a stalkers / Colossi army. This build can be done against Zerg, Terran or Protoss with almost no variation from Bronze to Master


SCAnalysT - Analysis of how to go mech in TvT

TvT Economic by Sc2AnalysT

Builds like this one have been getting a lot of traction over time, and I decided to do an analysis based on some pro replays I found on how to go Mech in tvt with a cyclone mid-game!


PiGs Mech TvZ

TvZ Economic by PiG 

Pretty straightforward mech build with many details that can improve your play. Hitting a crisp hellbat-cyclone timing is key as that's your first real pressure. I tend to use a non cloak banshee with it as a bit of bonus damage and of course to keep me safe against rushes. However if you prefer 2 banshees and cloak, or a liberator, or even a raven, any of those can work also.


Railgan ZvP - 1 Base Speedling Macro Opener

ZvP Economic by railgan 

Ever since Chronoboost changed I keep losing a lot of Drones to the first two Adepts. Additionally, I also make 6-8 Slow Lings and still take damage. That is deeply frustrating and made me look for a Solution. The Solution I came up with is a very economic 13/12 1 Base Speedling Opener. I use the early Ling to put pressure on my Opponent while I double Expand into 3 Base Hydra.


Safe Roach Opener

ZvP Economic by PiG 

My standard ZvP Opening at the moment. I like to only send 1 overlord across the map - but only because the meta is so strongly phoenix first. I will go back to sending 2 (1 to sacrifice, 1 to sit above natural) once the meta shifts

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Best Build Orders Kerrigan Easy Expo

ZvX Co-op by hunter 

Hey everyone this is my build for Kerrigan. We focus on early hatcheries and gas to get larva production without queens. Omega worms are used for army movement and to get creep spread for Malignant creep. I go over the build in the video.


Best Build Orders H&H Easy Expo

TvX Co-op by hunter 

This is my best build for H&H you can do any match-up with this build. Reapers are the most versatile unit in their army. Upgrades mean a lot for them and Jump Jets are the most important upgrade. Ravens add a lot of dps so make sure to add them for extra DPS.


Abathur Easy Expo [Muta And Evos]

ZvX Co-op by hunter 

For this build guide I wanted to show the power of good macro and the power of mutas. Toxic Nest placement is good for early Biomass and the Evos. You don't need many Queens as they are only for Transfuse. Priorities should be ultimate Evos and then Muta Upgrades. You can clear the map and then put all your extra minerals into static defense.

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