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SCAnalysT - Analysis of how to go mech in TvT

TvT Economic by Sc2AnalysT

Builds like this one have been getting a lot of traction over time, and I decided to do an analysis based on some pro replays I found on how to go Mech in tvt with a cyclone mid-game!

Dark Templar

sOs' Macro Blink DT

PvT Economic by Gemini_19 

sOs has made a MACRO blink DT build. I don't care that this is cutesy, stylish, micro intensive and probably not entirely reliable if you aren't sOs himself; but this is too good to pass up. I wanted something cool, fun, and interesting for the comeback of BotW and this serves that purpose very well. This is a fun iteration of a normal build to spice up your ladder games.


zuka - PvP - Safe Macro (with VOD)

PvP Economic by zuka

This build is macro oriented. The goal is to have a solid composition based on zealot, immortal and archon with upgrades. The start is a sentry expand with a phoenix harass into a solid macro game.


PiGs Mech TvZ

TvZ Economic by PiG 

Pretty straightforward mech build with many details that can improve your play. Hitting a crisp hellbat-cyclone timing is key as that's your first real pressure. I tend to use a non cloak banshee with it as a bit of bonus damage and of course to keep me safe against rushes. However if you prefer 2 banshees and cloak, or a liberator, or even a raven, any of those can work also.


Railgan ZvP - 1 Base Speedling Macro Opener

ZvP Economic by railgan 

Ever since Chronoboost changed I keep losing a lot of Drones to the first two Adepts. Additionally, I also make 6-8 Slow Lings and still take damage. That is deeply frustrating and made me look for a Solution. The Solution I came up with is a very economic 13/12 1 Base Speedling Opener. I use the early Ling to put pressure on my Opponent while I double Expand into 3 Base Hydra.


Safe Roach Opener

ZvP Economic by PiG 

My standard ZvP Opening at the moment. I like to only send 1 overlord across the map - but only because the meta is so strongly phoenix first. I will go back to sending 2 (1 to sacrifice, 1 to sit above natural) once the meta shifts

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