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Classic's Safe 3 Sentry expand into robo

PvP Economic by Gemini_19 

This safe sentry opener has been seeing some developments lately and with that is an even safer opener that gets extra sentries out with slightly later tech to more easily push away early stalker pokes. I figured now would be a good time to show a more modern version of it along with this newer three sentry opener as well.


(Bly's) ZvZ Nydus

ZvZ Cheese by lwyYy

This is a dirty ZvZ build Bly used against Nerchio in the WESG 2017 (2018 actually), and Nerchio wasn't ready for it at all. Since you go straight to a 2-base nydus play without much scouting, this is an all-in, and your goal is to at least kill a crucial amount of drones, but rather aim straight for the win.

Dark Templar

Dear's DT into blink double forge

PvT Economic by Gemini_19 

It's been a long time since we've had a DT opener PvT BotW. The last time was NightMare's blink DT all in over a year ago and that was basically a meme build. I've really been liking Dear's play lately so I figured I'd feature another one of his builds as he had quite a good showing at IEM Katowice.

Siege Tank

Monk's Temple of the Past Swann Fullclear Speedrun

TvX Co-op by StoicLoofah

Looking to get a good headstart with Swann? There's nothing faster than a speed run, and this build comes from Monk performing a Fullclear Speedrun on Temple of the Past with Swann.


Railgan ZvT - 2 Base Mutalisk Speed Banelings Timi

ZvT Timing Attack by railgan 

The Mutalisk is considered a dead Unit by many Players. This Build abuses the Power of early Mutalisks in combination with the high impact of Speed-Banelings and tries to do critical damage to the Terran opponent before he can really get his Upgrades and Production going.


TvZ 1 base Ghost Hellbat Opening

TvZ Cheese by PiG 

Take your 2nd gas a bit earlier around 1:00 (17-18 supply) to make this a little more efficient. Fun cheese that can potentially transition into macro. Snipes REKT queens/roaches. Hellbats do the rest.


PiG (TvT 2 Reaper Hellion Expand)

TvT Economic by PiG 

Solid opening, very safe. If using 1-base 3:30 ebay for banshees Vs 2-base scout or scan by 4:30, for 4:30 ebay for banshees Just follow this for the start. You can go medivac double cyclone drop, or into viking and defensive cyclone vs banshees.

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