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Secure Easy Wins with Astrea's PvZ Blink All-in

PvZ All-In by ESChamp 

Do you want to dominate the Protoss vs Zerg early game and secure a win before the mid-game? Look no further than this 2 base blink all-in from Astrea.


Standard Terran vs Terran (3 Reaper 2 Hellion)

TvT Economic by hushang 

Very Standard Reaper Hellion Opening that transitions into Marine-Tank-Raven. As solid it as it gets.


HuShang's Oracle 3 Gate Attack

PvT Timing Attack by hushang 

Oracle/gateway timing attack that sets you up for a very fun/dynamic mid-game. Lately blink attacks tend to lead to stale mid-games, but this build really spices things up and leads to a lot of chaos and aggression quite quickly :)


HuShang's Beginner Zerg Build Order (2022)

ZvX Timing Attack by hushang 

Very easy beginner zerg build order that will work well from Bronze through to Platinum. It's a timing attack with plenty of roaches!


HuShang's 3rax SCC Push

TvP Timing Attack by hushang 

HuShang's 3rax Stim-Combat-Concussive Push This is a super strong & really fun build order that I've been playing in my TvP's almost exclusively. You get right into the action super fast and it's very difficult for protoss to defend your first push never mind the second one.


Beginner Friendly Zerg Build Order (vs all races)

ZvX Timing Attack by hushang 

This one is orientated towards brand new zerg players. It's a very powerful roach timing that will allow you to work on the fundamentals of playing zerg such as consistent injects, a macro cycle to keep you on track and a focus on creating and managing your economy instead of focusing on the fights.

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