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HuShang's 3rax SCC Push

TvP Timing Attack by hushang 

HuShang's 3rax Stim-Combat-Concussive Push This is a super strong & really fun build order that I've been playing in my TvP's almost exclusively. You get right into the action super fast and it's very difficult for protoss to defend your first push never mind the second one.


Showtime's Macro PvZ WITHOUT Voidrays

PvZ Economic by ESChamp 

bringing you a PvZ build by the most well-rounded Protoss player our race has - ShowTime. It's going to be safe, sound, easy to follow, and most importantly - Not be a double Stargate Void Ray Build. So for those of you who are tired of abusing void rays every PvZ and getting queen walked because of it, this will definitely be something for you!


PvT - Colossus & Void Macro (with VOD)

PvT Economic by zuka 

This build order is a Colossus / Void Macro playstyle.


The uThermal 3Rax That Could DOMINATE Protoss

TvP Timing Attack by ESChamp 

Easy early push Terran Build, recommended for platinum league and above. Featuring uThermal vs ForJummy, this build shows the 3 rax variation with reactor first that could lead to an early 5 min win against Protoss.

Dark Templar

MaxPax's PvT Easy MMR Macro DT Opener

PvT Economic by ESChamp 

You want a macro PvT build that offers a lot of freedom, a high potential Skill Ceiling while also basically being a free win if you do it right? Let me introduce you to the Maxpax Macro DT Opener

Widow Mine

Pfoe's TvP Plat to Master Build Order #2

TvP Timing Attack by Pfoe

tldr: reaper FE into 2 widow mine drop into raven into 3/1/1 into 3rd CC, 2 base MMM + tank timing This is a good, solid TvP build for Platinum and Diamond players looking to learn how to play Terran Bio. Recommended for players that are race switching or only have a limited repertoire of openings, such as ViBE's B2GM Mech build.


TvZ: All-Rounder Build

TvZ Economic by Maxilicious 

This is an all-rounder economic build for ladder. It is a standard macro build using standard Reactor Hellions and three Command Centres. The build also lines up two timing attacks.


Beginner Friendly Zerg Build Order (vs all races)

ZvX Timing Attack by hushang 

This one is orientated towards brand new zerg players. It's a very powerful roach timing that will allow you to work on the fundamentals of playing zerg such as consistent injects, a macro cycle to keep you on track and a focus on creating and managing your economy instead of focusing on the fights.


Railgan ZvT - 3 Roach Opener 2021 - Allin Version

ZvT All-In by railgan 

The Goal is to either kill the Terran player or contain him on 2 Base while you drone up your 3rd Base.


The Chadray Annihilator - Queen-Ling Nydus

ZvP All-In by PiG 

Are you sick of chadrays bullying you? Having your 4th base sniped repeatedly? Cornering them to only have their millionaire father bail them out with recall? Well NO MORE. Here’s a simple rush that’s guaranteed to get some salty Protoss tears!

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