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Dark Templar

FrogBuildWeekly #5 multitasking + mass blink dt

PvZ Economic by FightingFrog 

Following the unit-theme this week we try out the buffed dt blink. In terms of learning something useful the main focus will not be on the blink dt, which might not be a very good unit, instead the main focus will be on controlling several weak spread out units. This starts out early since we go for the usual PvZ opener of phoenix - oracle.

Brood Lord

soO's Safe Opening into Brood Lord Rush

ZvP Economic by lowkotv 

This build starts with a standard, passive opening that is intended to safely defend against standard aggression. Make sure you're scouting so you can Drone as much as possible. Follow that up with a fast Spire to get about 8 Brood Lords around 10:30.


Maru's Mag-Field Accelerator Push

TvP Timing Attack by Maxilicious 

The aim of the build is to attack Protoss' third Nexus at 5:30 with Cyclone (with Mag-Field Accelerator), Marine, and Widow Mine. It is designed to deal with Protoss' Stargate opening into a quick third Nexus.


INnoVation's Siege Tank and Banshee Two Base Timin

TvP Timing Attack by Maxilicious 

This is a build INnoVation used in his WESG 2018 qualifier. The build starts with a fake proxy and transition into a two base. You make a timing attack with Marine, Tank, and Banshee.


Basic Reaper Expand into Stim Medivac Move Out

TvP Economic by Maxilicious 

Terran usually move out with bio and 2x Medivac when Stim is completed. This is the power spike time frame when Terran can be aggressive on the map. This build is designed to be defensive while powering up for this move out timing.


PvZ - Tempest rush / Mass zealot (with VOD)

PvZ All-In by zuka 

This build order is really powerful and hard to stop before GM league. It works really good on the new map pool. The best map is Stasis of course. You need to open with a standard Stargate expand. First units are adept then adept. The first Stargate unit is an oracle or a phoenix: Depends of the first overlord position. Tempests are here to harass the natural expand


Railgan - ZvP - Proxy Hatch versus every Style

ZvP Cheese by railgan 

In an attempt to make Proxy Hatcheries work versus Protoss I played roughly 100 ZvP Games going Proxy Hatch every single Game. I discovered that Proxy Hatcheries work against every Protoss Opener. This Build aims to get an economic advantage through an uncommon ZvP Opener.


The Gemini Special - Ruptor drop into Blink/Ruptor

PvT Economic by Gemini_19 

I also usually feature pro player builds in these guides but today I'm going to talk about one of my own creations. I came up with this build back in January 2017 after being inspired by MCanning's Disruptor style and wanting a more aggressive multitask focused version of it.

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Void Ray

CtG's Zeratul Top Bar Fast Expand

PvP Co-op by StoicLoofah

On maps with a safe natural, you can get a 1:48 Nexus by summoning the Zoraya Legion (the Void Rays) to destroy the rocks. From there, proceed with the rest of your normal build.


Dr_Orgo's Tychus Fast Expand Opening

TvX Co-op by StoicLoofah

On maps where you have a safe natural covered by rocks, this build is optimized to get mining and upgraded as quickly as possible. By 23:30, you should be able to get 3 Medivac Platforms, 2 outlaw tech buildings, all Engineering Bay upgrades, and 5 outlaws with full gear.

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