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PvZ - Carrier/Void Macro Build Order (with VOD)

PvZ Economic by zuka 

hard to counter if you never played against it. The goal is to do a Gate+cannon rush opening then go to a skytoss army (Void Ray / Carrier / Mothership). The cannon rush can't be done on every maps: It works well on map where you can fully wall behind the mineral line with only 3 pylons.

Siege Tank

Combat Shield Siege Tank timing

TvP Timing Attack by Maxilicious 

This is an early timing attack build that aims to take advantage of Twilight Council tech choice. TY and SpeCial are two players that popularised it.

Siege Tank

FanTaSy's 1 Siege Tank & 4 Marine attack

TvT Timing Attack by Maxilicious 

There are a few fixed openings in TvT. Players simply toy around with what they have and get Raven and Cyclone. This build does not diverge much from this paradigm, but it hits a little timing to disrupt opponent's mining.


Railgan ZvP - 2 Base Macro Opener - Hydralisks

ZvP Economic by railgan 

Long was it believed that 2 Base Openers versus Protoss can only work if you cheese or allin. I am here to prove you all wrong by opening with a 2 Base Macro Opener into 4 Hatch Brood Lord. The Goal is to defend all Protoss Harassment with minimal investment. We enter the mid game with either Roaches or Hydralisks and use our tech heavy Units to secure fast save Expansions and get to Hive Tech.


Railgan ZvT - 3 Roach 2019 Version - Ling Bane

ZvT Economic by railgan 

The 3 Roach Openers aims to take control from the start without ever giving your Opponent a chance to punch you back. The early Pool allows easy defense against Reaper / Proxy Rax at the same Time as early Harassment with 2 Lings and 3 Roaches. The follow up is a quick 2 Base Spire into 3 Base Ling Bane Muta and 4 Base Hive.


PvT - 3-Oracle / Gladept Pressure (French VOD)

PvT Timing Attack by zuka 

This protoss build order counter almost every terran openings. This is a fast expand opening into Stargate with a pressure when you have 3 oracles and this timing comes with 8 gladepts. In the video, I do a variation of the gate expand: The gaz first expand which is better if you know that there will be no cheese and if you need many gas.

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