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PvZ - Defending Hatch Block (with French VOD)

PvZ Cheese by zuka 

his is a reactive build order when you see a hatch block on your natural expand. You can totally defend it with 7 probes on the hatchery but this build is focus on counter push.

Swarm Host

Roach Queen SH ZvP Style - PiG's Weekly Build

ZvP Economic by PiG 


The Vomit Build - Starlord Build

ZvP Cheese by PiG 

Show a gasless 3-base setup... Then cancel your 3rd, pull all your drones and GO. Watch the Protoss vomit in disgust at how stupid you are :D. Enjoy the ladder points!


Proxy Double Robo into T-bag - STARLORD Build

PvT Cheese by PiG 


PiG's Colossus Drop PvT

PvT Timing Attack by PiG 

Potentially finish with 2-3 colossus stalker/sentry push on terran. Colossi drop goes straight across and manually target the scvs and/or clumped marines as much as possible

Void Ray

PvP - Proxy Void / 3 Gates (French VOD)

PvP Cheese by zuka 

This build order is a cheese. It works against every kind of opening. Open with a double gate (4 stalkers). If you see a scouting probe: Fake your second pylon in your main. Start the Stargate after the 2 stalkers then make 2 more. Attack with 2 void/7 stalkers and try to kill the wall. Make some zealot for the second attack if you see that the oponent try to rush your void rays. Have fun :)


TY's anti-Stargate Cyclone timing

TvP Timing Attack by Maxilicious 

This is an anti-Stargate build. The opening is a straightforward 16 Refinery Reaper opening, and the build transitions to a 1-1-1. TY put down a Tech Lab immediately, and he has yet decided what to do with this 1-1-1 structure. His Reaper scouted the Stargate tech, so his immediate reaction is to get a Cyclone and a Viking. These two units are good against Oracle.

Siege Tank

TY's unorthodox timing attack

TvZ Timing Attack by Maxilicious 

This starts with a standard Reactor Hellion using a flexible 1-1-1 structure. It goes for a Viking then Banshee variation, and I'm sure Zerg have played against this countless time. Importantly, this variation does not pose an immediate threat like other popular builds such as Battlecruiser rush.


TY's anti-meta build

TvT Timing Attack by Maxilicious 

The three Reapers and two Hellions into Siege Tanks, Ravens, and Vikings is the dominant build. The combination of three Reapers and two Hellions provides an extremely strong early game presence, and it is hard to match that without going to the extreme. One doable alternative is to use Reactor Hellions to match opponent’s five units.


Lowko's Fast Roach Max

ZvT All-In by lowkotv 

Good build for newer players because they're very strong. Get your economy going and defend against Hellions with Queens and Zerglings so that you can put your Roach Warren down around 5:00. Check out this guide of Serral's ZvT for more

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