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StarCraft II 4.11.3 Patch Notes on Dec. 17, 2019

Co-op Mission Update - December 16th, 2019 on Dec. 16, 2019

Hello all! We hope you’ve been enjoying Mengsk, his endless Troopers, powerful Royal Guard, and overall questionable war tactics. Whether Mengsk is your commander or choice or not, we have another surprise for you: the final Co-op commander revamp consisting of changes to Tychus, Zeratul, Stetmann, and even Mengsk. Because we wanted to get this update out before the holidays and very soon after Mengsk, we’ll be forgoing our traditional multi-week update format in favor of a more concise summary of planned changes. Here’s what you can expect soon in an upcoming patch:

StarCraft II 4.11.0 Patch Notes on Nov. 26, 2019

New Co-op Commander and Announcer: Arcturus Mengsk. Brutal+ difficulties have been added to Co-op.

New Co-op Commander: Arcturus Mengsk on Nov. 1, 2019

Arcturus Mengsk is asking every able-bodied citizen to commit themselves completely to the defense of all we hold dear. For some time, our beautiful worlds have been under attack from enemies at all sides: the zerg vermin that want to consume us; the invading protoss who serve their own sinister, alien agenda; and worst of all, the human traitors who have cast their lot with anti-Dominion terrorists. While those threats will be dealt with in time, for now we must focus our efforts on rooting out the true enemy that lurks in the shadows. Your time to show your complete and total dedication to the Dominion and your Emperor is at hand! Glory awaits!

Co-op Commander Guide: Zeratul on Oct. 7, 2019

Zeratul, Dark Prelate of the Nerazim, leads an elite force of Protoss warriors enhanced with Xel’Naga technology. Zeratul takes to the field as a cloaked hero unit, and must use his Prophetic Vision throughout the game to search for Xel’Naga Artifact Fragments. Each Artifact Fragment collected by Zeratul unlocks powerful topbar abilities and upgrades for his army. Unlike other commanders, Zeratul is able to customize his top bar abilities, progressively choosing each as he collects more Artifact Fragments. This flexibility, coupled with his expensive but durable army, allows Zeratul to tackle almost any situation head-on and walk away unscathed.

Build Orders


CO-OP 虚空降临

ZvT Co-op by Arbalest

CO-OP Void Launch 1-9为红点 50以上为飞船路线 99为进攻奖励的红点 第七波随机性过高(三种可能) 故记录停泊湾的背板


CO-OP 往日神庙 B型

PvT Co-op by Arbalest

神庙AI有A、B两种刷新模式,游戏开始时确定,概率相同 AB模式判定方法: 1.A型指挥官会在3分15秒开始报红点,B型指挥官会在3分10秒开始报红点(可能会受到其他指挥官或者任务语音的干扰) 2.6分刷新的混合体,A型为陆军混合体,B型为空军混合体 最迟在9分钟那一波红点...



ZvZ Co-op by Arbalest

Co-op Scythe of Amon


CO-OP 机会渺茫

ZvT Co-op by Arbalest

CO-OP Mist Opportunities 奖励1触发时间为11:18,奖励2触发时间为23:09,但若玩家单位进入对应的蓝色区域,则会提前触发。


CO-OP 升格之链

TvZ Co-op by Arbalest

CO-OP Chain of Ascension 规则:所有红点与第一波路径相同 若吉娜拉到达过前节点,则护卫队位置为右;若吉娜拉到达过节点2,则护卫队位置为中。(被推回去护卫队位置不会再改变)

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