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Patch 4.4.0 Preview: Cradle of Death on June 19, 2018

Cradle of Death is an all new Co-op Mission coming with the release of Patch 4.4.0. We wanted to give you a preview of the mission, which is an adaptation of one of the top-placing entries of our Co-op edition of Rock the Cabinet. Inspired by the original work of Justin “TheSkunk” Purdy, Cradle of Death challenges you to disable a battle station by overloading its systems with xel’naga artifacts.

Co-op Mission Update: Zagara Revamp on June 12, 2018

Hey everyone! Much like the changes we’ve made to other commanders, our goals with Zagara include providing buffs to some of her more underwhelming units. We’d also like to encourage a greater variety of playstyles beyond the “mass suicidal units” approach that is currently very popular among Zagara players. Before we get started on Zagara, though, we’d like to go over some changes will be making to Zerg Overlords.

Co-op Mission Update: Kerrigan Revamp on May 31, 2018

Hi all. Last week, we revealed our planned changes for Nova and heard a lot of solid feedback. We value your carefully thought-out feedback and thus will be making the following adjustments to Nova’s kit.

Co-op Mission Update: Nova Revamp on May 23, 2018

Hey all! It’s time to talk about a fan favorite Commander, Nova. As we mentioned in the last Community feedback post, we feel that Nova is in a good place right now, so the changes to her kit won’t be as drastic as some of the other revamps we’ve done. That said, we’re optimistic about how these changes will play out.

Co-op Commander Guide: Han & Horner on May 7, 2018

Mira Han, Mercenary Leader, and Matt Horner, Dominion Admiral, have joined forces in the war against Amon. Taking to the battlefield with two separate armies, Han and Horner bring two distinct playstyles together, complementing and enhancing each other.

Build Orders


Best Build Order Stukov Easy Expo

ZvX Co-op by hunter 

This is my favorite build for Stukov, early Civilian Compound upgrade steam roll fast then add the Bunkers and it's an easy win. Call downs should as always be used asap and make sure to watch the mini-map to change the Psi-Emitter to the right location.


Best Build Orders H&H Easy Expo

TvX Co-op by hunter 

This is my best build for H&H you can do any match-up with this build. Reapers are the most versatile unit in their army. Upgrades mean a lot for them and Jump Jets are the most important upgrade. Ravens add a lot of dps so make sure to add them for extra DPS.


Best Build Orders Kerrigan Easy Expo

ZvX Co-op by hunter 

Hey everyone this is my build for Kerrigan. We focus on early hatcheries and gas to get larva production without queens. Omega worms are used for army movement and to get creep spread for Malignant creep. I go over the build in the video.


Best Builder Order Artanis Easy Expo

PvX Co-op by hunter 

Artanis is great for many comps, although Tempest might have the best consistent dps against most comps, High Templar and Zealots is the ...


Best Build Order Vorazun Easy Expo

PvX Co-op by hunter 

This is my favorite way to play Vorazun Dt's and Corsairs are great unit that can deal with anything. Black Hole is great for air units a...

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