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Co-op Mission Update - June 13th, 2019 on June 13, 2019

Over the years, you’ve fought (and usually defeated) Amon’s vast armies across the Koprulu sector. After succumbing to never-ending defeat, Amon has had enough of the abuse. Today, we’re excited to announce the following changes to Co-op in an upcoming update.

Co-op Commander Guide: Tychus on May 29, 2019

Tychus Findlay, Legendary Outlaw, has reformed the famous Heaven’s Devils gang to take the fight to Amon. Forgoing standard army warfare, Tychus and his Outlaws operate as a small band of elite mercenaries, each with their own unique specializations and strategies. As a commander, Tychus is equipped to pick apart any opposition by carefully choosing which Outlaws to field, and how to equip them with powerful and expensive Gear. Together, the Heaven’s Devils are the most diverse combined-arms force in all of Co-op.

StarCraft II 4.9.0 Patch Notes on May 23, 2019

Co-op Commander: Stetmann on May 23, 2019

This new Co-op Commander version of Stetmann explores his life after Mist Opportunities, when he spent years as a castaway marooned on a foreign planet, struggling to survive. Quite a while has passed since we last saw him, and not only has Stetmann survived—he’s thrived, having built both an army to defend his beloved Bel’Shir, and a best friend to keep him company with lively conversation.

Co-op Mission Update - Dehaka Revamp on May 14, 2019

Next up in our lineup of revamps is Dehaka, the big T-rex of the Co-op family. We believe Dehaka is a satisfying hero to control, but we’re sharpening and improving some of his unit roles to make him a more well-rounded Commander overall.

Build Orders


Kerri Co-op 4 Hatch Macro opener.

ZvX Co-op by Rezlin

Copy of TeamLiquids "Build order 2" opener.


Stetmann: Super Gary Rush

ZvX Co-op by Xaeric

Makes a Hive by the time Gary spawns


CtG Stetmann Infestor swarm

ZvX Co-op by AntiFluid

This is an (almost) perfect First Stetman build order. I used CtGs Stetmann "Assembly of vengeance" Youtube video (29/6/2019). And decyph...

High Templar

Straakh (PvZ 4 gateway to templar - 1v1) Copy

PvP Co-op by triplejay2013

Economic and passive. Build up army, prepare defences


Dead of Night H&H Build, 路向前&mszy any% 9:54 Record

TvX Co-op by acepilotpete

This build uses strike fighters to clear infested structures in record time as well as get vision for spaceship/magmines/starport calldow...

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