The Nydus Build to end all Nydus Builds. Opens with a 13 Gas 12 Pool Speedling Build and end it with 30 Lings in their Main before 4 Minutes.

In the Analysis Section you will find further Details on what to do with your units

Build Order:

  • 13 Gas - Immediately saturate the Gas
  • 12 Pool
  • Drone till 14
  • 14 Overlord - NO MORE DRONES

  • @ Pool build 6 Zerglings then a Queen then get Ling Speed
  • Send one Ling after the Probes and the rest across the map
  • constantly Build Lings and another Overlord at 21
  • @Queen start Lair - Keep spamming Lings and keep them at home for the surprise
  • @Lair Nydus Network and remove one drone from gas
  • @Nydus Network kill him with the Nydus Worm


Replay - Railgan v SWErdnase - King's Cove LE

Build Order

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  12  0:00  Drone  
  13  0:14  Extractor  
  12  0:25  Spawning Pool  
  11  0:29  Drone  
  11  0:34  Drone  
  13  0:41  Drone  
  14  0:51  Overlord  
  14  1:12  Zergling x6  
  17  1:20  Queen  
  19  1:29  Metabolic Boost  
  19  1:36  Drone  
  19  1:39  Zergling x2  
  21  2:00  Lair  
  21  2:02  Overlord  
  21  2:12  Zergling x2  
  22  2:23  Zergling x4  
  23  2:34  Zergling x6  
  28  2:59  Overlord, Nydus Network  
  31  3:37  Nydus Canal  
  35  4:03  Nydus Canal  
Spawning Tool Build Advisor. Get it on Overwolf


*Where to place the Nydus Network *

Build it next to your Main so your Units can retreat fast to defend and don't need long to travel to the Nydus Network after hatching.


Send the first Overlord to the Protoss Natural and hide the second one near their Main. You will want to use the second Overlord to place the Nydus Worm. The first Overlord gives you vision on the Gateways at the Natural.


Always send 1 Ling after the scouting Probe. Do not let the Toss scout the Lair / lack of Natural after you built your first couple Lings.

I send the first 6-10 Lings across the Map to pressure. I try to damage their buildings / kill their units and might even be able to kill them with it. A 13/12 by itself can kill a Protoss.

2 Lings near your potential Natural / 3rd to kill any scouting Units. Hide all other Lings in your Main.

What to attack

With your first 6-10 Lings try to get a surround on the Zealot. If you can't break in just try to keep them alive and keep Pressure up on the Protoss. You don't want the Protoss to counter you with Adepts or something silly like that.

With your Nydus Lings go after Probes and avoid fighting near Shield Batteries. If the Protoss Units are in the open go for a surround and kill.


If you don't do any damage with the allin you are dead this is an allin. If you did a lot of damage but weren't able to kill the Protoss prepare to transition.

I usually try to get my Natural up and go for Hydras into Lurker as a transition. Technically u could also go for Swarmhosts and use your Nydus Network to keep harrassing. Roaches are also a pretty safe transition. Against Stargate you definitly want Hydras. Against Robo either Roaches, Mutas or Swarmhosts. Against Gateway only Roaches are a good choice.

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  • Created by: railgan      
  • Published on: May 15, 2019
  • Patch: 4.7.1
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On May 16, 2019, 1:40 p.m., webmaster  said:

Beautiful. Works very very well in Silver. <3 mowing down the enemy in 3s with another zerg player too.


This is awesome...

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