Nothing new here, built for personal use with Overwolf practicing timings.

The aim of the build is a quick economic advantage into macro play.

Build Order

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  12  0:18  Spawning Pool  
  11  0:22  Drone  
  12  0:32  Drone x2  
  14  0:41  Overlord  
  14  1:08  Zergling x6  Send first 12 lings to harrass and gain economy lead, aim for workers/expand.
  17  1:15  Zergling x2  
  18  1:22  Hatchery  
  17  1:31  Zergling x2  
  18  1:39  Zergling x2  
  19  1:45  Queen  
  19  1:50  Drone  
  22  2:00  Overlord  
  22  2:11  Drone  
  23  2:19  Queen  
  22  2:30  Drone x3  
  23  2:33  Queen  Transition into macro game. If opponent counters, a roach wall-off with spine works well.
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The goal of the timing is to attack really early with 12 lings, doing as much economic damage as possible by either killing workers or denying an expand. While managing the attack, keep the queen production so that when the attack is over you are immediately ready to transition into a macro game.

If your opponent does not take much damage and you feel that a counter attack will happen immediately, wall off and build a spine. Using your 3 queens, you should easily repel an early timing.

In ZvZ if facing a 12 pool, turn back and transition immediately as your opponent will have defender's advantage and will most likely win the engagement and overwhelm you with a counter if he goes all-in. In such cases, consider banes and/or spines.

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  • Created by: ParkwayDMD  
  • Published on: May 14, 2019
  • Modified on: May 14, 2019
  • Patch: 4.7.1
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