PvZ Build - Stalker/Warp Prism harass into +2 Chargelot/Immortal/Archon timing as shown by Stats

Replay - soO v Stats: Game 2 - Cyber Forest LE

Build Order

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  14  00:19  Pylon  
  16  00:41  Gateway  
  17  00:46  Assimilator  
  20  1:24  Nexus  
  20  1:31  Cybernetics Core  
  21  1:40  Assimilator  
  22  1:49  Pylon  
  23  2:08  Adept (Chrono Boost)  
  25  2:13  Robotics Facility  
  26  2:19  Warp Gate  
  29  2:38  Stalker  
  34  2:53  Warp Prism (Chrono Boost)  Obs after
  40  3:10  Sentry  
  44  3:24  Gateway  Complete Wall
  45  3:30  Assimilator x2  
  49  3:40  Pylon x2, Forge, Action  pick-up stalker and head out
  51  4:04  Immortal  constant immortals from here
  60  4:15  Protoss Ground Weapons Level 1 (Chrono Boost), Stalker x2  @prism
  64  4:30  Action, Twilight Council  pause probes @45
  70  5:00  Sentry x2  @nat
  70  5:10  Protoss Ground Weapons Level 2 (Chrono Boost)  
  75  5:15  Charge (Chrono Boost)  
  80  5:30  Nexus  
  85  5:40  Gateway x4, Templar Archives  
  90  6:00  Gateway x2  
  90  6:15  Action  Halluc phoenix - check drone saturation at 3rd
  90  6:15   Action  resume probes until 11-16 probes at 3rd
  95  6:25   High Templar x4  archons
  95  7:00  Action  move out w/ 3 immortals, 2 archons, 3 sentries and extra gateway units. Attack when +2 is completed
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This is an interesting build that takes advantage of the cheaper robotics facility and the faster warpgate to get a few stalkers on the map very quickly. This isn't going to be forcing that many units from the Zerg, but it will force them earlier than the Zerg is used to. This is advantageous to us because forcing units earlier is still a significant a hit to the Zerg.

You want to be mostly using your prism to deny creep tumours, especially once the observer links up with the prism. You can try to pick off drones and queens if possible, but it's going to be difficult with just a few stalkers and it is far more impactful to kill the creep. I think this is a natural evolution of a lot of the early pressure builds that exist such as Archon drops. These days, the Zergs are mostly able to defend the archons without too much trouble, leaving the Archon drop resigned to creep clearing duty. This is quite an investment just to clear some creep tumours, which is another advantage of this build. You aren't going to be investing nearly as much as the Archon drop openers, and you can start denying that creep spread much earlier than those builds, making it much more manageable.

Another point to bring up is the 6:15 hallucination scout. This is important because it will tell you how to follow up the game. You can check for a 4th base, as it should have recently been started, as well as checking the drone saturation at the third base. In the game Stats played vs soO on Cyber Forest, he sees a low drone count on the third with his phoenix and that soO is planning on being aggressive, and so he doesn't move out with his army, instead trying to take up a defensive position.

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  • Created by: ftuttle4
  • Published on: Mar 06, 2019
  • Modified on: Mar 13, 2019
  • Patch: 4.7.1
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