Standard ZvZ from Lambo replay

  • please notice as it is a replay not everything is to be taken 100% as for example the 8 3:15 lings in this case are not mandatory
  • you don't need to pull off of gas and other details like that if you feel like it would just hurt you more than it would help.


Replay - ZvZ vs Cham KingsCove Standard game

Build Order

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  12  0:00  Drone  
  13  0:12  Overlord  
  13  0:18  Drone  
  14  0:31  Drone x2  
  16  0:51  Hatchery  
  16  0:53  Drone x2  
  17  1:00  Drone  
  18  1:10  Extractor  
  17  1:15  Spawning Pool  
  17  1:18  Drone x2  
  18  1:28  Drone  
  21  2:02  Queen x2  
  21  2:07  Overlord  
  26  2:12  Metabolic Boost  
  26  2:13  Action  Pull 2 off gas
  28  2:15  Action  rally a drone into gas and the natural drone to the third
  30  2:41  Hatchery  
  30  2:43  Zergling x4  
  33  2:52  Baneling Nest  
  33  2:56  Overlord  
  34  3:16  Zergling x8  
  38  3:24  Queen  
  38  3:25  Overlord  
  43  3:36  Baneling x2  
  44  3:43  Evolution Chamber  
  47  3:52  Overlord  
  47  3:55   Action  third drone into gas
  53  4:05  Extractor x2  
  53  4:13  Zerg Missile Weapons Level 1  
  63  4:37  Lair  
  64  4:44  Roach Warren  
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Notes from Lambos ZvZ guide (Those notes are written so I myself can understand them but maybe you can use them, they are definitly not without spelling errors and general grammar mistakes)

Lambos guide:


Vs mutas

  • economic muta (66 drones) try to secure 4th base

  • if faster muta, dont get fourth base until lurkers

  • vs roach muta (roaches into mutas into roaches), roach hydra is okay

  • don't move out until vipers (parasitic bomb for mutas)

  • burrow move roaches are very good try to distract him from bullying you on your side

  • defend with queens and spores, 1 spore each base when mutas can hit and 1 inbetween, add more as time goes on

  • 2 lurkers on each base, asap

  • lurker burrow is important

  • roaches and banes at third to defend

  • don't attack vs ultralisks, can attack vs lurkers or with good trades prior vs ultralisk

Vs Pool first

  • bane nest as normal, don't pull off gas

  • vs all in 2 queens and morph banes on ramp, pull drones to main temporarily

Vs 2 base lair

  • scout if roach warren is wiggling, if not it can be nydus or mutas

  • roach warren at 3:40 will defend against nydus and roach ling all in in time (8 blind roaches)

  • 10 lings at 3:35 ish to blindcounter speedlings, it's before you will be able to scout if roach speed is coming up. Will also help deny third too (10 lings beat 3 roaches, 8 don't)

  • vs speedling pressure just make more lings

Vs +1 carapace - can't be both roach warren and evolution chamber at fast timing

Vs Ling bane all in

  • bane nest in back, 3 building wall off, spine if he is going to morph on your side (Spotted by third overlord)

  • match oponnents zerglings +2 more lings

Micro/army management details

  • always concave

  • can try to cut off with 5 roaches to base 4th/3rd and defensive concave to stop them defending

  • split up army with multitask

  • can also split army up in 2 groups and take fights where your numbers are superior

  • always be on the move seeking oppertunity

  • put 6 roaches vs 4 roaches 9 vs 6 etc.

  • always good to kite back with corrosive biles

3 hatch before pool

  • can play standard but recommends 8 speedlings


  • Force yourself to scout

  • 1st overlord to natural unless aspecific path is required to spot 12 pool lings

  • 2nd overlord to also entrance

  • 3rd overlord outside natural somewhere for general vision

  • 4th overlord to your own 3rd base second entrence (made from natural, always)

  • take 3rd base that gives worse engagement (concave) for opponent and worse re-positioning paths

  • overlord is good with ledges vs queens

  • 16 hatch 19 and 20 drone, third overlord (21) in main with lings in the nat

  • wait till you see the creep/building hatch to use your larvae (26) if "pool first" make 4 lings

  • pull 2 drones off at 100 gas then rally a drone into gas

  • look at his drone count to determine if he is pressuring you with a few lings (hatch first)

  • make 2 more lings than your oponnent to make engagements easier

  • walloff with banenest, roach warren and evolution chamber

  • inject main at 42 then 42 queen. Main queen goes to natural and natural queen goes to third for inject and defense vs lings

  • don't spread creep unless mutas or it's on, don't skip injects they are more important

  • hide 2 lings to scout, just scout with 2 lings in general

  • 2nd and 3rd gas with 40 drones and additional drone production

  • roach warren at the same time as lair

  • overlord speed with 100 gas after 100 gas for lair which is after 100 gas for +1 ranged

  • Use leftover zerglings with overlord speed to drop banes

  • when overlord speed finishes send out overlords (with patrol to dodge corrosive) to get map vision

  • replace overlords you morph overseers with

  • scout with lings on evo chamber to see if wiggling,

Lambo notes -the third drone for the first gas will be rallyed into the gas from the first inject so a drone that i make at 37~ supply

-you take the 4th-6th gas once your 3 mineral lines are fully saturated

  • if you are uncertain about the buildorder the Replays are uploaded to Mediafire here:

-if you play vs a player that pressures you with Lings/ Lings+Banes make sure to always put aside 1-2 Lings somewhere on your opponents side of the map, so that you can scout with them as soon as you have time to do so

-if you play vs a quick third without a Banenest and an early Roachwarren also make the Rochwarren earlier

-vs an early RoachLing all in off 1 gas you can hold with LingBane only

-the amount of drones for Roach all ins are:

27Drone 1 gas

32Drone 2 gas

41Drone 3 gas

52Drone 4 gas

58Drone 5 gas

in order to defend those u can pretty much go to the dronecount the next all in would have (vs the 58 Drone one 66 drones and cancel additional upgrades and 4th)

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  • Created by: Lukebomber     
  • Published on: Feb 01, 2019
  • Modified on: Mar 29, 2019
  • Patch: 4.7.1
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