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Even if this build is from early 2018, Scarlett manages to beat one of the best if not THE BEST zerg, Serral, with this build at IEM PyeongChang. It's a little dirty and I love it! You can call it an All-In because she stops at 32 drones, goes for a super quick lair and tries to hit Serral with a crisp +1 Speed-Roach timing off of 2 bases. The goal of the build is to do critical damage to your opponent, but in the best case, like this game, kill your opponent straight up. I think this is a very good build, because it hits early, and it hits hard!


Replay - Scarlett v Serral: Game 2 - Catalyst LE

Build Order

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  13  0:13  Overlord  
  17  0:51  Hatchery  
  17  1:08  Spawning Pool  
  18  1:17  Extractor  build the gas instantly at 18 supply, don't wait for the drone
  20  1:50  Overlord  
  20  1:55  Queen  when pool finishes
  22  2:02  Queen  
  30  2:30  Zergling x2, Lair  build 2 lings to scout and help the queens to deny vision to your plan
  31  2:38  Queen  When queen finishes, start another one
  33  2:41  Creep Tumor  at your natural to wall off properly
  33  2:43  Roach Warren  
  32  2:46  Evolution Chamber  
  32  2:48  Extractor  
  31  2:52  Overlord  
  36  3:12  Zerg Missile Weapons Level 1  when Evo finishes.
  36  3:15  Overlord  
  39  3:30  Glial Reconstitution  when lair finishes
  39  3:37  Roach  here you reach your drone goal of 32 drones in total. Stop droning and start only roach and overlord production.
  51  4:15  Roach  go across the map with 2 high energy queens + rally roaches to your opponents natural.
  74  4:50  Roach  you should hit the opponents natural with your first roaches.
  81  5:37  Hatchery  build your 3rd Hatchery
  81  6:08  Queen x2  if you float minerals, rebuild your queens at home
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Scarlett opens pretty much standard, but then skips ling speed and goes for a very quick lair and roaches with +1 missile upgrade. This build can catch your opponent off guard, but you need to be spot on with your timings and macro up to the point of the attack. You will also need a bit of micro to keep your Roaches alive to overwhelm your opponent and in the best case kill him right away. Important with this build are the 2 queens that support the attack on your opponents side of the map. You want to have 3 queens, 1 injecting the whole time at your natural, while the other 2 are building up energy to go across the map for transfuse. Put down a Creep Tumor at your natural for a potential wall-off if he goes for agression early on. When moving with your queens you can kill overlords on the way to supply block him, but don't lose too much time to get the queens across the map. Position your Overlords properly between you and your opponent to scout early ling-bane agression so you can wall-off if needed. Once you have the lair, you can use your overlords to build a creep highway for the queens to get them across the map faster.


  • Hits before any regular upgrades finish
  • Hard to scout the lair if your opponent can't sneak in a ling or an overlord in your main base
  • Your Roaches will overwhelm your opponents with the support of 2 Queens on his side of the map to transfuse
  • If he has to pull Drones and you do enough damage, you can transition to a normal macro game if you can't kill your opponent right away
  • You have the tech advantage with a quick lair, roach speed and +1 so if you do enough damage without killing the opponent, you're still ahead from there on


  • If your opponent scouts the quick lair he might be able to react in time and stop droning to defend properly (although Serral scouts the lair in this game and still isn't prepared for the attack)
  • If you don't hit your transfuses or lose your queens at your opponents natural you might not have enough to do damage
  • If you're not cautious with your Roaches and do proper kiting and a little micro you could be defended right away
  • If you don't do worker damage or kill his bases he is ahead in economy and you will be dead when his upgrades finish
  • Since you skipped ling speed and baneling nest, your stuck to Roaches for a long time, if the attack fails
  • This build is risky if your opponent goes for a ling flood or heavy ling bane agression early on, because you both skip ling speed and bane nest, so you want to be ready to wall off completely if you see he's attacking until you have roaches with speed.

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  • Created by: lwyYy  
  • Published on: Jan 10, 2019
  • Modified on: Jan 11, 2019
  • Patch: 4.7.1
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