Two base mech all-in that hits around 7:45.

INnoVation used this in his 2nd game against Maru in the IEM Season XIII - Katowice: American Server Qualifier

  • The build order supply gets very generalized around the third cyclone because of INnoVation losing units during this timing. I did my best to judge what you should have if you don't lose anything but you will end up floating lots of resources due to this.
  • Use this build as a framework, not an exact guide. There is a good chance this can turn into just an extremely strong timing attack if you are able to keep building scvs and make a third. You could also overbuild SCVs and pull them for the all-in as well.


Build Order

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  14  0:18  Supply Depot  
  15  0:29  Refinery  
  16  0:45  Barracks  
  17  0:56  Refinery  
  19  1:32  Orbital Command, Reaper  
  20  1:35  Factory  
  20  1:36  Action - After starting factory, take 2 scvs out of one gas and 1 out of the other. Rally SCV creating factory to the natural  
  20  1:44  Supply Depot  
  21  2:04  Reaper  
  23  2:18  Hellion  
  26  2:28  Command Center  
  26  2:29  Action - After CC is started, add scvs back to gas  
  27  2:36  Reaper  
  28  2:39  Hellion  
  30  2:45  Supply Depot  
  31  2:56  Starport  
  31  3:06  Factory Tech Lab  
  31  3:09  Barracks Tech Lab  
  32  3:23  Refinery  
  32  3:26  Cyclone  
  35  3:27  Action - After barracks tech lab completes, float barracks off  
  36  3:32  Action - Land starport onto tech lab built by barracks  
  37  3:39  Orbital Command  
  37  3:41  Raven  
  40  3:52  Refinery  
  40  3:58  Cyclone  
  44  4:27  Raven  
  46  4:39  Cyclone  
  53  4:52  Barracks Reactor  
  57  5:20  Siege Tank  
  62  5:28  Action - Float barracks off reactor and land starport onto it  
  62  5:36  Viking x2  
  68  5:49  Factory, Barracks Reactor - Build onto the starport's old tech lab  
  68  5:50  Factory - Build next to barracks  
  68  5:59  Siege Tank  
  71  6:13  Viking  
  73  6:16  Viking  
  75  6:25  Action - Start floating barracks across the map once reactor completes  
  75  6:32  Siege Tank  
  78  6:33  Action - Land 3rd factory onto naked reactor  
  78  6:38  Hellion x2  
  82  6:43  Viking  
  84  6:46  Viking  
  86  6:55  Siege Tank  
  89  7:05  Siege Tank, Action - Start moving out and rally your production to your tanks  
  92  7:11  Hellion x2  
  96  7:18  Liberator - Constant liberator production. Prioritize liberators over siege tanks and hellions  
  99  7:26  Liberator  
  103  7:33  Hellion  
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  • Poke and see what damage you can do with your reapers/hellions but don't over commit as they are your only defense for while due to no marines being produced, add-ons being built and going for Ravens.

  • Don't over commit with your first cyclone if they are doing a 1/1/1 before expo or one base all-in. Wait until the second cyclone is close to popping to move out with it because of banshees or liberators.

  • Stop producing SCVs at roughly 2 base saturation. (debatable as INnoVation had lost 9 scvs early on. If he hadn't, he may have built extra and pulled some scvs to repair for the attack or gone for a third)

  • Start moving barracks across the map immediately after completing the reactor for the 3rd factory. It will be used for initial forward scouting so you don't run into a tank line, then for vision for setting up the initial siege and finally for tanking enemy shots during the attack.

  • Move out at 6 Vikings (should have 3 tanks at this point as well)

  • After the sixth viking, start building liberators so you can force any siege tanks out of position. Prioritize liberators over other units.

  • YOU MUST WIN THE AIR BATTLE! If the air battle will be close, use your ravens to disable enemy vikings. Make sure to use the barracks to draw viking fire as well.

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  • Created by: foqus  
  • Published on: Jan 09, 2019
  • Modified on: Jan 10, 2019
  • Patch: 4.7.1
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