Surprise that protoss with super fast drilling claw widow mines drop! Armory into expand build, with quick bunker for safety. Drop hits around 5:20. Follow-up is a 6:45 move-out with 4 thors (3 if you made ebay/turrets), 1 medivac filled with widow mines, 4 SCVs and +1 defense on mech ready to kick some serious butt. Thanks to RuFF for coming up with this build (he beats a 5,4 K toss with it on the VOD).


Replay - RuFF's DC rush Thor Push Follow-Up

Build Order

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  14  0:17  Supply Depot  
  15  0:30  Refinery  
  16  0:45  Barracks  
  19  1:32  Orbital Command  
  20  1:33  Marine  
  20  1:34  Factory  
  20  1:48  Supply Depot  
  20  1:53  Marine  
  21  1:58  Bunker  
  22  2:11  Marine  
  24  2:20  Widow Mine  
  26  2:23  Armory  
  28  2:32  Barracks Tech Lab  
  27  2:43  Command Center  Make the CC with the SCV that made the bunker
  28  2:49  Supply Depot  
  29  2:55  Refinery  Swap rax with factory
  30  3:09  Drilling Claws  
  30  3:11  Widow Mine  
  34  3:35  Starport  
  37  3:41  Widow Mine  
  37  3:42  Refinery x2  Take refineries before the second CC finishes (so they line-up)
  37  3:55  Orbital Command  
  30  4:00  Supply Depot  Constant supplies 1x1 from this point forward
  40  4:03  Widow Mine  
  41  4:12  Medivac  
  44  4:23  Thor  Load and send medivac with available widow mines
  51  4:36  Factory  Prioritize factories 2 and 3 over second thor.
  51  4:38  Barracks Reactor  
  54  4:53  Starport Tech Lab  
  56  5:02  Factory  
  57  5:14  Thor  
  63  5:22  Terran Vehicle And Ship Armor Level 1  Drop should happen around here. Careful to keep up with supplies! Should start making them 2x2 from here.
  64  5:42  Widow Mine  Restart making mines 2x2. Swap the factories on add ons given by starport and barracks as soon as possible
  70  5:53  Thor  
  79  6:06  Thor  
  85  6:13  Liberator  
  108  6:45  Command Center  Move out with 4 thors, 4 SCVs, medivac filled with widow mines and liberator
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Most protoss players go stargate these days (thinking we go cyclone), so initial widow mines will be great for defense while suggested follow-up should hit strong (thors a-a single target has been buffed). If the opponent goes either phoenixes, tempests or even quick carriers: you're in buisness, since thors do pretty well against these (can't be lifted) and widow mines help a great deal vs them too. Against anything else (any ground), add in some tanks after the first two thors.

+1 defense is suggested here since both widow mines and thors will benefit it, but feel free to go with +1 attack.

If you can keep medivac alive after the drop you can even drop the mines on top of his army!! Otherwise remake it instead of liberator for the push. Make sure to bring some SCVs to repair the thors during the fight (normally if you haven't had too many gaps in your SCV production you should have an extra 4-5 SCVs available at your natural to bring them with your push).

Ruff decided to make an ebay+turrets for safety on the VOD and had to deal with the phoenix harrass, explaining why he had only 3 instead of 4 thors for his push (contrarily to what's displayed on the replay where I didn't get the ebay).

Follow-up (and general thoughts): get that 3rd CC around the time you move out, and factories 4-5 + 2d armory. VS alot of ground toss, make sure to add siege tanks, but watch out for air transition at all time. Ghosts are a great complement if you can manage to get a few of them. EMP + widow mine and tank splash will surely annihilate any ground protoss army!

As for air toss, just keep up with thors and widow mines (add ghosts for EMPs if possible, a single EMP on a stacked air army will make all the difference in the fight). Vikings are OKish (if tempests aren't kited they do well, if the protoss player kites them is just about even) and personnally I wouldn't advertise BCs against tempests since the aa range of current tempests is 15 (VS 10 against ground, which is an exact match with the thors for a reason). Cyclones are optional (RuFF himself believes they just suck essentially) if you want something more mobile in the late-game vs air but not amazing. Carriers + tempest combo, as long as tempests are kited when you try to shoot them down, doesn't exactly seem to have a counter though ATM (at least with mech).


No reaper so no great intel on scouting BUT you can use first marine to scout for a proxy (proxy robo really hard counters this) AND this build includes a super fast bunker at your natural that can deal even with proxy gates.

Drilling claws doesn't line-up with the medivac drop (you actually finish it much earlier). Ruff suggests to get starport before armory (to be tested) BUT early drilling claws are very useful to organise defense vs the protoss, esp. for any air play when it comes to repositioning your mines around your base.

The replay version definitly cuts a corner regarding DT's since we're not getting any ebay. RuFF gets one on the VOD to help deal with phoenix harrass.

You really need to get the damage done with the widow mine drop but should since drilling claws make it so easier to get the damage, especially at an early time.

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  • Created by: Trizztein2
  • Published on: Dec 04, 2018
  • Modified on: Dec 05, 2018
  • Patch: 4.7.1
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