This is a build INnoVation used in his WESG 2018 qualifier.

The build starts with a fake proxy and transition into a two base. You make a timing attack with Marine, Tank, and Banshee.


Build Order

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  14  0:17  Supply Depot  
  16  0:40  Barracks  Fake proxy
  16  0:45  Refinery  
  17  0:54  Refinery  
  19  1:27  Reaper, Orbital Command  
  20  1:38  Supply Depot  
  20  1:42  Factory  
  23  2:26  Factory Tech Lab  
  24  2:32  Barracks Reactor  Depend on proxy distance
  24  2:33  Command Center  
  28  2:45  Cyclone  
  28  2:52  Starport  
  28  2:56  Supply Depot  
  30  3:14  Marine x2  Constant production
  33  3:35  Banshee, Cloaking Field  Use Factory's Tech Lab; Constant production
  33  3:36  Factory Tech Lab  
  40  3:56  Siege Tank  Constant production
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The timing to move out is when you have three Tanks.

The build uses a fake proxy build, which is one of the more common proxy options in patch 4.7.1, and it takes two early Refinery. This essentially is a quick tech to Factory then expand build. The fake proxy creates information gap in Protoss' decision making.

Many Terran use Banshee and Siege Tank to fill the transition gap to build up their mid game army of bio and Medivac. Hence, Protoss may not realise Terran want to do a timing attack. This could end the game quickly, as demonstrated by INnoVation.

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  • Created by: Maxilicious  
  • Published on: Nov 30, 2018
  • Modified on: Dec 05, 2018
  • Patch: 4.7.1
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