Did you run into another Protoss who opens with a Pylon at your natural into mass Cannon / Shield Battery / Stalker / Immortal? Well I have the answer to your troubles! Enjoy the defensive 1 Base approach that will show your Opponent the Strength of Roaches, Swarmhosts and Nydus Worms.

The Goals of the Build are the following:

  1. survive on minimal amounts of defense,
  2. Skip Lings --> Go Roaches to maximize Larva efficiency,
  3. get a fast 1 Base Economy going,
  4. get a spines as primary early game defense,
  5. get Queens to deal with Warp Prisms / Spread Creep / Transfuse,
  6. get a Nydus to Counter with Roaches / Swarmhosts
  8. then nydus the entire map to Harrass him

For a general BO Check Analysis / VOD

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Replay - Railgan v Господин - Acid Plant LE

Build Order

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  12  0:01  Drone  
  13  0:12  Overlord  
  13  0:17  Drone  
  14  0:31  Drone x3  
  17  0:53  Hatchery  
  17  0:57  Extractor x2  
  17  0:58  Spawning Pool  
  17  0:59  Drone x2  
  16  1:10  Drone  
  17  1:27  Drone x2  
  19  1:45  Queen  
  22  1:48  Roach Warren  
  21  1:55  Spine Crawler  
  21  1:58  Zergling x2  
  21  2:06  Overlord  
  21  2:24  Queen  
  23  2:30  Roach  
  26  2:45  Roach  
  28  2:53  Overlord  
  29  3:03  Lair  
  30  3:14  Ravager x2  
  30  3:15  Roach  
  34  3:20  Overlord  
  34  3:41  Spine Crawler  
  34  3:45  Ravager, Roach x2  
  39  3:53  Overlord  
  39  4:03  Nydus Network  
  39  4:04  Overseer  
  39  4:20  Infestation Pit  
  39  4:41  Nydus Canal, Roach x3  
  45  4:47  Roach  
  47  5:05  Overseer  
  42  5:14  Swarm Host  
  42  5:19  Overseer  
  47  5:24  Spine Crawler  
  47  5:39  Swarm Host x2  
  53  5:54  Nydus Canal  
  53  6:19  Roach  
  57  6:32  Swarm Host x2  
  63  6:44  Queen  
  65  6:51  Nydus Canal  
  71  7:17  Swarm Host  
  71  7:20  Queen  
  76  7:30  Swarm Host  
  79  7:49  Swarm Host  
  86  8:18  Swarm Host  
  83  8:42  Queen  
  85  9:25  Hatchery  
Spawning Tool Build Advisor. Get it on Overwolf


How do I notice I am being Cannon Rushed?

Send the first Overlord cross map to his Natural and keep the 2nd Overlord at home. If he didn't expand by the time your Overlord arrives you are probably being cannon rushed. Otherwise if you see Pylons near your Base you are probably being Cannoned as well.

How should I react?

Dont pull Drones. It usually doesn't work against the modern cannon rushes. Unless you can block the cannons from going down to begin with.

If it is at your Natural cancel your expansion as late as possible or dont build it at all.

If it is in your Main you need to rush Roaches and Spines ASAP. You can only hold the Ramp with this build not your Main Base.

The Roach / Swarmhost Defense

I get both gasses as soon as possible, start 1 queen 1 roach warren and 1 spine near the ramp to secure it. I then get the Lair and 1 Roach that I morph into a defensive Ravager.

While getting the Lair I constantly maintain saturation and get 2-3 Spine Crawlers total to secure the Ramp.

After the Lair is done immediately start your Nydus Network and infestation pit. Then place one Overlord near his Mainbase to begin the Nydus Push. Constantly build Queens to spread Creep / defend against Warp Prisms, get at least 4-6 Roaches to attack his Main Base, get one Overseer to deal with DTs and Observers in your Main.

As soon as the Nydus Network is done Nydus his Main. If he recalls his units rush down the ramp with your Spine Crawlers. Start producing mass Swarmhost.

Take your Natural if possible and use Changelings to scout for any hidden Bases. If you find any Nydus near them and kill them with your Swarmhosts.

My Opponent went for X

Against Stargate: Just use Queens into Infestors

Against DTs: Your Overseer, Roaches and Spines will keep you save.

Against Mass Stalker: Build some defensive Ravagers

Against Robo: Queens help a lot vs Warp Prisms and Immortals

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  • Created by: railgan      
  • Published on: Jul 11, 2018
  • Modified on: Jul 11, 2018
  • Patch: 4.0.0
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