Ever since Chronoboost changed I keep losing a lot of Drones to the first two Adepts. Additionally, I also make 6-8 Slow Lings and still take damage. That is deeply frustrating and made me look for a Solution.

The Solution I came up with is a very economic 13/12 1 Base Speedling Opener. I use the early Ling to put pressure on my Opponent while I double Expand into 3 Base Hydra. The Lings allows me to easily scout what my Opponent is going for and stop any and all Adept advancements by him.

The Basic Build is the following:

  • 13 Gas
  • 12 Pool
  • 14 Overlord
  • @100 Gas Ling Speed
  • 6-8 Lings (keep 1 Ling at home to deal with his scouting probe)
  • 18 Hatch
  • 18 Queen
  • 22 Overlord
  • 22 Hatch
  • @19 Drones put 3 Drones into Gas
  • @100 Gas Lair + Evo + 1 Gas
  • @100 Gas +1 Missile
  • @Lair Hydralisk Den
  • @ 50 Drones take 4 more Gas and 4th Hatch
  • @Hydra Den Hydra Range then Hydra Speed
  • @+1 Missile get +2 Missile
  • @4th Hatch get Lurker Den and maybe Infestation pit? You want Gas 7/8 before teching to heavily

and well spam him dead with Hydra Ling Lurker

Here are some Replays:

If you want to see this build in action you can always find me on


Replay - Namshar v Railgan - Catalyst LE

Build Order

Get SALT Encoding   

  12  0:00  Drone  
  13  0:14  Extractor  
  12  0:26  Spawning Pool  
  11  0:28  Drone x2  
  13  0:38  Drone  
  14  0:49  Overlord  
  14  1:13  Zergling x6  
  14  1:15  Metabolic Boost  
  17  1:26  Zergling x2  
  18  1:43  Hatchery  
  18  1:46  Drone x2  
  19  2:02  Queen  
  21  2:15  Drone  
  21  2:22  Overlord  
  21  2:40  Queen  
  21  2:42  Drone x3  
  27  3:05  Hatchery  
  28  3:17  Queen  
  32  3:33  Overlord  
  35  3:41  Zergling x2  
  35  3:47  Overlord  
  36  3:52  Zergling x4  
  46  4:18  Queen  
  46  4:22  Overlord  
  48  4:26  Lair  
  47  4:37  Zergling x2  
  46  4:41  Spore Crawler x2  
  48  4:51  Extractor  
  49  4:53  Evolution Chamber  
  49  4:58  Spore Crawler  
  61  5:23  Zerg Missile Weapons Level 1  
  61  5:25  Extractor  
  60  5:30  Zergling x4  
  60  5:34  Extractor x2  
  64  5:41  Hydralisk Den  
  66  6:09  Extractor  
  77  6:15  Grooved Spines  
  77  6:42  Hatchery  
  77  6:46  Hydralisk x6  
  89  6:57  Hydralisk x2  
  93  7:04  Hydralisk x2  
  97  7:13  Lurker Den  
  99  7:16  Overseer  
  99  7:26  Muscular Augments  
  127  8:07  Spore Crawler  
  141  8:29  Spine Crawler  
  138  8:36  Extractor x2  
  138  8:56  Lurker  
  122  9:25  Lurker  
Spawning Tool Build Advisor. Get it on Overwolf



How many Queens do I build and when?

I usually Build 1 Queen after the Natural and then go up to three Queens (use one for Creep Spread). Once I have my Lair done I get a 4th Queen at my 3rd Base

What should I do with my Lings?

Try to keep them alive!!! You want 1 Lings to deal with any scouting Probe... else you won't be able to expand. Your other Lings should try to harrass your Opponent. If he walls off try to kill one of his gateway to lure the Zealot out and sneak past it or something like that. You don't need to do damage to stay even with your Opponent. The pressure and safety alone are usually enough to stay even.

If your Opponent does not wall off but expands you just kill the Expansion... might need more Lings. If he doesn't expand you are good to go. If you can run by try to harrass the Probes but don't lose your Lings. If you can kill his Pylons at the Gateway / Core you probably win.

Can I add Banelings?

Yes you can keep mining gas initally, get a Queen instead of an Expansion and just throw down a Baneling Nest @50 Gas. However, if your Opponent builds 1-2 Shield Batteries, a Stalker or a Sentry you will probably be in a tough spot. Most Opponents are greedy though so go ahead.

How do I deal with Stargates

I try to use my 3 Queens to deal with the Oracle and delay my Spores a bit. Saving money is crucial when you play a Greedy Tech Builds

How to deal with Mass Adepts

Build a Roach Warren once you reach 2 Base Mineral Saturation or start your Lair if you assume Mass Adept.

How to deal with 2 Base Allins

Just build a Roach warren, go 3 Gas with ~48 Drones and spam him dead with Ling Roach Ravager. Should be an easy win.

How to deal with Chargelot allins

If you see an infinite amount of gateways (8), a robo and a twilight council in his Base. Then you probably want to prepare for a Chargelot Allin. Defending it is as easy as evacuating your 3rd, building some walling buildings at your natural and spamming Roaches.

Do I need to go for a fast Lair into Hydra?

No but I think it is the optimal way to play the Matchup

When should I attack?

I usually start building mass Hydra once I have my 3 Bases Saturated. I try to take a fight around the time Hydra Speed finishes. Without Hydra Speed you can't disengage. Mass Hydra Ling Lurker can beat every non Carrier Composition. Don't ask how to beat Carriers. I don't know either.

Go to:


  • Created by: railgan      
  • Published on: Apr 19, 2018
  • Modified on: Apr 20, 2018
  • Patch: 4.0.0
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On Aug. 28, 2018, 8:06 p.m., Zentraidee  said:

Another option will be;
13 overlord
15 extractor
17 spawning pool
20 lair
21 extractor
20 build 2 hatcheries
20 hydralisk den Railgun

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