This is my go to build when playing Kerrigan with masteries 0/30 30/0 30/0 (i am aware that putting a few points in immobilization wave can oneshot more units though Kerrigan alone are any supporting unit really can clean up whatever survives).

Its aim is to get Kerrigans upgrades ASAP and also secure an expansion once shes spawned.

This Build heavily emphasizes micro with Kerrigan, so if you are good at micro or if a mutation favors a strong single unit this might help you.

Build Order

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  12  0:02  Drone  
  13  0:11  Overlord  
  13  0:17  Drone  
  14  0:29  Drone x3  
  17  0:47  Spawning Pool  
  16  0:52  Extractor x2  
  14  0:55  Drone x4  If your expansion isnt guarded by units you can build a pair of lings to kill the rocks, they go down about the moment kerrigan spawns. if you spawn 2 pairs you might be short of minerals
  18  1:14  Evolution Chamber  @grab Heroic Fortitude asap, same for Chain Reaction and Ability Efficiency |Can be squeezed in a bit later, if you dont have many mastery points its probably better to get it a bit sooner.
  18  1:51  Drone  
  19  2:25  Lair  @100% instantly morph a hive, @hive 100% make a queen
  19  2:30  Drone x2  
  21  2:42  Overlord  
  21  3:00  Drone x5  
  25  4:10  Hatchery  @100% Kerrigan go expand/also clear teammates rock if not already down.
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The first Attack wave might hit ~20 seconds before Kerrigan first spawns depending on map and unit type. Keep this in mind and maybe have your partner defend, i also want to point out that Kerrigan spawns with her Assimilation Aura ready so you may want to kite units a few moments to grab the few minerals they give.

Kerrigan is very strong so i usually go to saturate both bases asap while getting 3(or more if its useful for certain mutations) Omega Networks and then teching for the units I want.

If you intend to go hydras you can start upgrades right after your Networks are placed.

I usually go for 2 Queens and 4 Hatcheries with Kerrigan (if you are bad at injecting you can just add more hatcheries).

Dont forget to spread creep if you have the apm for it!

You can springle in lings for added dps, especially with adrenal and shredding claws.

Totally dont forget to go for adrenal and shredding claws when you go mass lings!

Place Nydus to get around the map faster! Or place them to buy time (enemy units will attack them when in their path).

You can burrow your units as a sort of "mini blink"!

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  • Created by: Rexoraptor   
  • Published on: Mar 24, 2018
  • Modified on: Mar 28, 2018
  • Patch: 4.0.0
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Comments (3)

On March 28, 2018, 12:31 a.m., StoicLoofah  said:

Cool. I added a few times (from my estimation) in so that it's usable in the overlay as well.

Do you have a replay of yourself executing this build? I know it doesn't parse properly right now, but I'm working on that from the backend, and I can get more exact times for your build in there so it isn't my guesses.

Do you mind if we feature this build on our home page?

On March 24, 2018, 11:43 p.m., Rexoraptor  said:

Oh thank you, seems like i screwed something up! the pool goes down at 17 supply, and right after that you get 2 gas asap.

On March 24, 2018, 11:05 p.m., StoicLoofah  said:

Thanks for sharing this build! What type of army composition do you usually go for?

Also, I noticed that the Spawning Pool is missing in the build. I'm assuming you just get that when you have enough minerals, right?

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