Currently, Zerg players really like big Roach attacks on 2 bases. If you don't like the early game shenanigans and just want to get to the mid-game, we need a strategy to stop that attack.

Neuro pointed out that this style is really dependent upon the Queens and having the injects ready, so to avoid that, we can elevator 8 Zerglings into their main and snipe the Queen so that they don't have enough larvae to attack.


Build Order

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  13  0:15  Overlord  Send Overlords across the map
  18  0:56  Hatchery  
  19  1:14  Spawning Pool  
  20  1:32  Extractor  
  19  1:40  Overlord  
  20  2:03  Zergling x2, Queen x2  Scout with them
  25  2:11  Zergling x2  
  31  2:35  Metabolic Boost, Queen  
  33  2:46  Hatchery  
  36  3:03  Baneling Nest  
  36  3:12  Evolution Chamber, Overlord  
  42  3:40  Zergling x4  
  44  3:47  Zerg Melee Weapons Level 1  Get Ventral Sacs on an Overlord and then elevator 8 Zerglings
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The snipe depends on your opponent not having a lot of early game Zerglings to counter this. If you see a Spine Crawler at the front, it might be a good sign there aren't units behind it.

This build is otherwise relatively standard with a quick 3rd base and +1 attack. In the VOD, you can see a follow-up with more Zerglings. This leads into double upgrades with Roaches, but you can use whatever composition you're comfortable with.

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