This is a timing attack that gives you a good chance of keeping your opponent on 1 base or killing him completely. Watch out for stargates and try to kill pylons and workers!

replays: vs lowground nexus into mass stalker:

vs lots of defensive cannons (get more ravagers to break and save lings)

vs cannon rush cheese

Or Check out my stream while i play it:


Replay - Neon Violet Square LE (73)

Build Order

Get SALT Encoding   

  14  0:12  Extractor  
  14  0:32  Spawning Pool  
  14  0:33  Action  3 workers on gas
  14  0:44  Overlord  
  15  1:18  Zergling x6  
  18  1:25  Roach Warren  
  17  1:30  Queen  
  19  1:38  Overlord  
  19  2:04  Roach x3  
  25  2:23  Ravager x3  pull workers of gas and macro behind while attacking!
  28  2:40  Action  pull workers of gas & macro
Spawning Tool Build Advisor. Get it on Overwolf


Try to not lose your lings to Adepts or Zealots. Try to unpower the stargate (if in wall) or try to kill the nexus if highground wall

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