Nova’s structures produce units via a cooldown system, with up to five charges building up over time and units being instantly deployed to any visible part of the map. Due to the nature of this system, it is not likely that you will be able to spend your resources optimally on only one or two unit types — a mixed group of units is the standard in a typical Nova army composition. Because of this interaction, it is wise to adapt your army composition according to the threats that you are facing and the resources you have at hand.

Read the full guide on Team Liquid. All credit goes to them.

Build Order

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  14  0:18  Refinery  
  15  0:26  Refinery  
  18  1:20  Command Center  Beside rocks
  19  1:39  Barracks  
  22  2:50  Marine  break gas Rocks first, build Refineries thereafter, followed by breaking the main Rock
  22  3:00  Action  Continue SCV production off both Command Centers until both bases are fully saturated. Relocate Command Center once the main Rock is down
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As each use of Nova’s unit squads has a long production cooldown of five minutes, it is recommended that you build the Factory and Starport as soon as possible, concurrently with or right after your expansion’s Command Center and dropping your first squad of Marines, which should be used for clearing the Rocks or the units guarding the expansion. You can also politely request a Protoss ally to Chrono Boost one or more of these production structures if possible.

Read the full guide on Team Liquid. All credit goes to them.

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  • Created by: StoicLoofah
  • Published on: Jan 24, 2018
  • Patch: 4.0.0
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