"The Swarmhost is an useless Unit", "After the Nerf why even build Swarmhosts", "2 Base Zerg isn't viable" ... these are all things I have been told and I am here to correct the World by showcasing my 2 Base Nydus Swarmhost Style.


The Build works identically against both Terran and Protoss. Of course you need to adjust to different timings in the economic first 5 Minutes. Terrans can't attack you with Mass Adepts and Protoss can't attack you with Liberators etc... these are all just minor details and not that Important.

Now how does the Build itself work? We use Queens and Lings to defend on 2 Bases while droning up completly. A quick Lair and Infestation Pit allows us to get the first Swarmhosts out fairly early around the 5:30 mark. Once the economy is flowing we use our Queens and Swarmhosts offensively by building a Nydus Network (usually around the 5:30 Mark).

We build a 3rd base while this is going on to secure our economic future. The Next Step is to find holes in our opponents defense... for the exact process check the VOD but in short we search for blindspots with overlords, overseers and lings and keep attacking him with multiple Nydus Worms.


We are able to defend against any and all early pressure with 2 Base Mass Queen and a Spore or Spine here and there if necessairy. So based on that I am not going to go in detail on every single reaction. A rough Guideline can be found in the Analysis Section though.

Basic Strategy

An example would be the following: Nydus Main -> Send out Queens and transfuse / spread creep -> Send out Swarmhosts drop locusts -> Nydus 3rd -> Send out Swarmhosts and drop locusts to kill 3rd --> Nydus natural ... etc

I personally like to go for a Mutalisk follow up and build the Spire as soon as I can while also droning my 3rd ever so slightly. Most Terrans / Protoss do not have enough anti air to deal with Mutalisks while trying to fend off Swarmhosts.


Replay - lllllIlIllll v Railgan - Catalyst LE

Build Order

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  12  0:01  Drone  
  13  0:12  Overlord  
  13  0:17  Drone  
  14  0:31  Drone x3  
  17  0:46  Spawning Pool  
  17  0:49  Drone  
  17  0:56  Drone  
  18  1:12  Hatchery  
  18  1:13  Extractor  
  18  1:16  Drone x2  
  18  1:32  Queen  
  18  1:33  Zergling x2  
  21  1:40  Drone  
  22  1:50  Overlord  
  22  2:08  Queen  
  26  2:18  Metabolic Boost  
  27  2:22  Zergling x2  
  27  2:24  Queen  
  34  2:49  Overlord  
  36  2:58  Lair  
  36  3:03  Overlord  
  41  3:21  Extractor x2  
  41  3:29  Zergling x2  
  47  3:53  Queen x2  
  47  3:54  Extractor, Overlord  
  50  4:00  Infestation Pit  
  51  4:04  Zergling x2  
  52  4:15  Overseer  
  53  4:17  Zergling x4  
  59  4:43  Hatchery  
  58  4:51  Swarm Host x3  
  67  4:54  Nydus Network  
  67  4:57  Zergling x6  
  65  5:17  Zergling x2  
  65  5:20  Queen x2  
  66  5:32  Nydus Canal  
  66  5:48  Nydus Canal  
  66  5:49  Swarm Host x5  
  81  5:57  Spire  
  81  5:59  Queen  
  81  6:05  Overseer  
  81  6:12  Swarm Host x2  
  87  6:24  Nydus Canal  
  91  6:53  Overseer  
  92  7:01  Queen x2  
  100  7:10  Nydus Canal  
  102  7:37  Mutalisk x2  
  105  8:04  Nydus Canal  
  104  8:10  Mutalisk x6  
  112  8:18  Nydus Canal  
  114  8:37  Mutalisk x2  
  121  8:47  Nydus Canal  
Spawning Tool Build Advisor. Get it on Overwolf


Rough Build Order:

  • Hatch Gas Pool / Pool Gas Hatch
  • always keep 4-8 lings at home vs hellions / adepts
  • Constant Queen Production
  • @100 Gas Ling Speed
  • @100 Gas Lair
  • @3:45 take 3 more Gas
  • @Lair Infestation Pit
  • @Infestation Pit Nydus Network and 3rd Base
  • @ 4 Swarmhosts being Nydusing

Versus Terran

This Build only works versus Terrans who go for a Factory Opener. You will most likely not succeed against 2-1-1 Mass Marine Openers unless you get really "lucky". Against those try to defend with Queens at home while nydus harrassing... and rush out upgrades or die.

In general keep 4-8 lings at home past the 3:30 mark and 8-16 past the 4:30 Mark otherwise hellions will kill you. If you see no medivac / viking by 4:45 build a Spore at each Base and prepare for Banshees / Liberators.

Try to kill their Army / Economy with your Nydus Worms

Vs Protoss

The Build works best versus Stargate openers. You can easily shutdown the Oracle / Phoenix with your Queens while preparing your Nydus. Infestors can be really useful (1-3) with your Swarmhosts to plop down a couple Infested Terrans to sway away sky toss units.

Follow up You might need Upgrades... especially carapace versus Bio terran and Damage versus both Races for your Locusts. Building Hydras / Corruptors and Lings with the Swarmhosts work really well, as do Banelings.

You can always tech to a Hive if you think it is a good Option :)

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  • Created by: railgan      
  • Published on: Dec 11, 2017
  • Modified on: Dec 11, 2017
  • Patch: 4.0.0
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