This Build order is a timming attack around 4:45 you will go with 14 marines, +1 of attack and the stim, and your goal is to denied the B3 of your Protoss opponent.

The video is in french, but i hope you will still understand the BO, also if someone want to do the subtitle i'm okay with that !


Replay - Clem Vs Funk - push stim+1 bio

Build Order

Why is there no SALT encoding or Overwolf build?

  14    Supply Depot  
  15    Barracks  
  16    Refinery  1st Gaz
  20    Reaper  @reaper go for a reactor and prod marines 2 by 2
  20    Command Center  
  21    Barracks  
  22    Supply Depot  
  23    Engineering Bay  
      Barracks Tech Lab  @2nd Barrack - go for a tech lab for stim
      Terran Infantry Weapons Level 1  @ebay go for +1 atk
  33    Barracks  put a lab tech on it for combat shield
  37    Supply Depot  
  42    Refinery  2nd gaz
  42    Factory  
  45    Supply Depot  
  54    Refinery  3th gaz
  60    Action  around 15 marines, combat shield is half, you go out and denied the B3


Often after this push i put a 3rd CC, 2 racks and +1 of def ! i think there is multiple paths after this opening so adjust it in order to suceed your goal :)

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