A standard economy focused build that takes control of the early game versus other economic builds and skips Banelings in order to get Roaches and Roach speed (with +1 missile upgrade) faster than your opponent. Additionally, Roaches get Burrow+Tunneling Claws to harass all enemy mineral lines at the same time during or before the fights.


  • if you see that your opponent has an aggressive opening, you will need to build more Zerglings instead of Drones

  • all Drone timings are included up until the 5:30 minute mark for you to have an example of how to drone as fast as you can (check the worker box on the right)


Build Order

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  12  0:00  Drone  
  13  0:12  Overlord  
  13  0:16  Drone  
  14  0:30  Drone x2  
  16  0:34  Drone  
  17  0:51  Hatchery  
  16  0:54  Drone  
  17  0:58  Drone  
  18  1:04  Extractor  
  17  1:13  Spawning Pool  
  16  1:16  Drone  
  17  1:20  Drone  
  18  1:28  Drone  
  19  1:40  Overlord  
  19  2:02  Zergling x4, Queen  
  23  2:04  Metabolic Boost, Queen  
  25  2:07  Zergling x2  
  26  2:12  Drone  
  27  2:15  Drone  
  28  2:24  Drone  
  29  2:26  Drone  
  30  2:38  Hatchery  
  29  2:40  Drone  
  30  2:43  Drone  
  31  2:48  Drone  
  32  2:49  Drone  
  33  2:56  Overlord  
  33  2:59  Drone  
  34  3:06  Drone  
  35  3:14  Zergling x12  
  41  3:18  Drone  
  42  3:21  Roach Warren  
  41  3:25  Overlord  
  41  3:27  Drone  
  42  3:30  Drone  
  43  3:37  Drone  
  44  3:41  Overlord  
  44  3:45  Drone  
  45  3:49  Drone  
  46  3:51  Queen  
  48  3:52  Drone  
  49  3:55  Drone  
  50  4:03  Roach x5 Defend against possible Zergling attacks with Roaches  
  58  4:18  Extractor, Lair  
  57  4:19  Overlord, Zergling x2  
  58  4:20  Drone x4  
  62  4:24  Drone  
  63  4:26  Evolution Chamber  
  62  4:27  Drone x2  
  64  4:35  Drone  
  64  4:47  Extractor  
  63  4:48  Zergling x6  
  66  4:51  Zerg Missile Weapons Level 1  
  66  4:57  Drone x5  
  71  5:00  Drone x3  
  74  5:08  Overlord  
  74  5:11  Drone x4  
  78  5:16  Glial Reconstitution  
  78  5:19  Overlord  
  78  5:27  Drone x2  
  79  5:29  Extractor  
  78  5:31  Roach Build Roaches and Overlords, commit to a fight when +1 Missile Weapon and Roach speed are done  
  111  6:37  Extractor  
  111  6:38  Burrow  
  125  6:56  Tunneling Claws Queue it up before the Glial Reconstituion finishes  
  143  8:03  Hatchery Saturate Hatchery with ~8 drones (not too little, not too many, depends on your opponent's army and drone size). Make a queen to inject larva on your 4th base. Add a few Ravagers  


This build is taken from the game 3 of Solar, HomeStory Cup XVI - Final Day (RO8). He is playing against Elazer.

The game starts with the standard 17 Hatchery, 18 Extractor and 17 Pool into 3rd Hatchery. Elazer is playing a completely identical opening, but the divergence from Solar comes at 19th supply. Instead of building 4 lings like Elazer, Solar saves larva to build 6 lings. Those 2 additional lings let Solar take control of the game from the very beginning, skip on Baneling Nest, get Roach speed really fast and overwhelm his opponent.

Roach Warren is built after spending 1 wave of larva on zerglings to keep the control of the map.

Additionally Solar researches Burrow and the Tunneling Claws for Roaches, making his harass incredibly strong (24 workers killed at the end of the game versus 9 by Elazer who made baneling and roach drops).


  • Always have at least 1 Queen per base in order to produce enough larva

  • Create creep paths between bases with overlords to help your slow roaches defend against zergling run-bys.

  • You need to micro your zerglings extremely well and keep your opponent in check in order to control the pace of the game; kill queens and trade with banelings favorably, but avoid fighting with zerglings and losing your threat

  • Spread overlords in front of the paths to your 3rd and the natural

  • Once roaches are out, put them in the defensive position between your 2nd and 3rd bases

  • Once your minerals lines and enough extractors are saturated, start producing roaches and overlords and commit to fights with the finished Speed and +1 Missile upgrades

  • Once Tunneling Claws and Burrow are done, split 8-10 roaches from the main army (give them a separate control group) and send them in each enemy mineral line. Unborrow them at the same time once your harass reaches the main base, focus down the drones (but don't spend more than 1 second on each base)

  • When the opponent reacts to harass, burrow the roaches and move them in a different mineral line or out of sight. Attack the 3rd enemy base with your main army while at it to make sure you either kill mining workers or deny your enemy the 3rd base. Unborrow the harass roaches when you fight with the main army

  • Add a few (2-4) Ravagers after you've taken your 4th base to the main army to force your opponent to move around and lose some DPS when fighting

  • Form a conclave with your roaches with 2 box click micro just before the fight and attack

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