THE MAIN LINE IS FOR THE 4.0.0 PATCH (14th November)

The idea is to get the Warpgate and 6 Adepts as soon as possible and warp units at your opponent's base around 3:30.

Everything that is said below is for a 2 gas version of the build, which I will add soon as I'll have more experience with it :)


Target fire enemy stalkers at all times. The player that has more Stalkers has a better micro potential. Zealots help a lot with charging the ramp and the enemies, forcing them to move away from the ramp.


You'll generally want to use Adepts, Zealots and Sentries. Trap the Terran against the Zealots using Force Fields, while using the Guardian Shield to improve their survivability. Use Force Fields to stop SCVs from repairing.

If you see 3 Bunkers or 2 Bunkers with SCVs ready to repair them, then you probably won't break through (check if he has enough marines by walking close with a Zealot). You either should expand and build workers with the Chrono boost, or try to sneak past it with Psionic Transfer if he's not fully walled of.

Focus down Marauders first in order to kite Marines with Stalkers efficiently.


Prioritize Adepts versus Zerglings and Stalkers against Spine Crawlers and Roaches. Warp-in Sentries: - to block the main base reinforcements from coming through - to help your zealots against kiting Roaches - to create choke points against mass Zerglings

Aim to do as much economical damage as possible by killing Drones, Queens and the natural expansion. It is okay to trade units with tech structures, hatcheries and workers equal in cost to the sacrificed units.

Don't over commit if the Zerg has his main base heavily defended. Take an expansion. You can also set up a Force Field containment to stop the zerg from coming out without a Nydus worm (you will need 6 Sentries for that).

Be careful of zerglings sniping your proxy Pylons and counter-attacking your main base. Fully Wall-in your main base with an additional Pylon if you want to stay safe from the run-bys.

Build Order

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  14  0:18  Pylon  Make your workers gather from the closer mineral patches for more income
  16  0:37  Gateway  Use the Probe from the Nexus to build it. Chrono Boost the Nexus once after the Pylon finishes
  17  0:46  Assimilator  3 probes in gas. Add in a second gas and more probes at 21 supply for a Zealot Sentry composition
  18  1:01  Gateway  
  20  1:14  Pylon  Scout with this Probe and head for the proxy location
  20  1:26  Cybernetics Core  As soon as the Gateway completes. Stop building probes after you hit 16 in the minerals
  21  1:45  Gateway x2  
  23  2:00  Warp Gate (Chrono Boost), Adept  As soon as the Cybernetics Core finishes, Use all your Chrono Boost Energy on Warp Gate
  23  2:10  Pylon  In the proxy location
  27  2:32  Adept x4  4 Adepts from 4 Gateways
  35  2:36  Pylon  In the proxy location, but closer to the enemy base (maybe even inside his main if you can in PvP). Build Adepts
  80  7:00  Pylon  Use Psyonic Transfer to travel to the enemy base faster. Build more pylons and wall-in at home against counter-attacks. Rebuild lost pylons to not get supply block. Spend Chrono Boost on Gates


This build has to do damage. You can aim to win the game on the spot by destroying the enemy army and snowballing from that or try to do economical damage and expand. If you have more workers than your opponent then expanding is a good idea.

Rush distance isn't an important factor for this build. This build relies on how safe your opponent is playing and how well prepared they are for your attack.

On maps with ramps that can be easily blocked off (with a wall in TvT or a single Force Field in PvP) this strategy might prove useless if your opponent scouts it and prepares his defenses.

The build also heavily relies on your micro (focusing down the enemy units rather than Attack moving, retreating the low HP units) and macro (building Pylons in time — usually 10 supply before the limit, warping units on cooldown and spending your minerals on the expansion and other structures if the All-in doesn't work). Do not overbuild Pylons, as they could effectively be Stalkers, Adepts and Zealots. Only build Pylons when you need them.

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