Clean and easy 2 base All-in vs Terran that provides plenty of early defense and a strong timing attack. The build can also be easily modified into a macro build that allows you to move down whatever tech path you choose. I've been struggling a bit in PvT and this build has helped me quite a bit so i hope it can help others as well.

Build Order

Why is there no SALT encoding or Overwolf build?

  14    Pylon  
  15    Gateway -1st Assimilator  
  19    Nexus -Cybernetics Core - & 2nd Assimilator  
  21    Pylon  
  22    Adept -Mothership Core (Chrono) - & Warp Gate  
  26    Twilight Council -1st Stalker - & 3rd Pylon  
  35    Robotics Facility -Charge (Chrono) - 2nd Stalker  
  44    Robotics Bay - Observer - 3rd & 4th Assimilator  
  49    Gateway x2  
  53    Colossus - Thermal Lance (Chrono Both)  
  59    Gateway x4 - Go up to 7 gates  
  65    Colossus (Chrono) - start warping in Zealots for push  
  89  6:40  Warp Prism - Rally accross Map & move out Leave stalkers at home with MSC  


Before Push Make sure to scout around early for proxy builds as you are slightly light on units. Put your MSC in your main base with good pylon positioning and your 2 stalkers and Adept in your nat mineral line. Only warp in additional stalkers and adepts only if needed. Any extra units you warp in will delay your push. Finally after your 2nd Colossus is Que'd begin warping in as many zealots as you can for your push.

During Push Leave your stalkers and adepts at home with your MSC and warp in units as needed to defend. Prioritize shutting down any drops that hit you while moving out your colossus and zealots should be strong enough to begin the push while you defend you 2 bases. Don't over commit with your push and slowly poke in trying to draw there units out into your colossus and chargelots without allowing your army to become disjointed. Finally warp in stalkers as needed to focus down Vikings and Libs while focus firing your Colossus shots into the heart of the bio.

Optional Modification into a Macro Style Its fairly easy to modify this build into a very safe macro style as you will have Colossus and chargelots which i find to be really effective at holding off pushes and drops. Simply forgo the 3rd-7th gates, take a 3rd, Start Blink, and then choose which tech path you want to go down. Your Colossus along with chargelot support should be more than able to hold off any pressure while you tech up to storm, double forge, or put down another robo and fully commit to colossus and later on disrupters.

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