This build was used by INnoVation in his second game against TRUE at WCS Global Finals 2017

The idea of the build is to have a powerful economy with a fast expand and a rapid enough third base while creating a lot of pressure with a very powerful (and potentially game-ending, as the VOD shows) hellbat drop.


Build Order

Why is there no SALT encoding or Overwolf build?

  14    Supply Depot  
  16    Refinery  
  16    Barracks  
  19    Orbital Command  
  19    Reaper  
  20    Command Center  Classic reaper FE until here
  21    Supply Depot  
  21    Marine  
  22    Factory  
  23    Refinery  
  24    Barracks Reactor  (When marine is done and you have 50 gas)
  26  2:50  Starport  
  26  2:55  Action  Switch Factory and Barrack
  27    Orbital Command  
  27  3:00  Hellion x2  (constant Hellion production from here until you have 8)
  31    Barracks Tech Lab  
  38    Supply Depot  
  38    Action  Switch Barrack and Starport
  40    Viking  
  40    Barracks Tech Lab  
  48    Supply Depot  
  50  4:00  Medivac  (@Viking 100%)
  52  4:05  Armory  Make sure to use your viking and marine to prevent Overlords from scouting your armory
  52    Supply Depot  
  58    Supply Depot  
  60  4:30  Liberator, Action  (@Medivac 100%), Switch Factory and Barrack
  64    Siege Tank  Continuous Tank production from here
  67  4:45  Command Center  Third Command Center, build inside main
  60  4:30  Action  Put 4 Hellions in medivac and bring Viking for drop in Zerg's main and other 4 Hellion + Reaper near Zerg's third base
  72  5:00  Marine x2, Refinery x2, Action  Simultaneous attack with 4 Hellbats + Medivac + Viking in main and 4 Hellbats + Reaper in third or natural (if no drones/queen in third). When liberator is done, bring in to Zerg's main too
  80  5:20  Engineering Bay x2, Action  Switch Barrack and Starport to research Stim, start building reactor with Starport
  90  5:30  Starport Reactor, Barracks x2  
  100  6:00  Terran Infantry Armor Level 1, Terran Infantry Weapons Level 1, Orbital Command, Stimpack  
  105  6:10  Barracks x2  

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