VOD = 25:00

Innovation opens with a rax expand, getting a marine instead of a reaper. He then gets a factory in the main, and a factory proxied near the enemy base. He moves out just before the 5min mark with 12 marines and 5 cyclones.


Build Order

Why is there no SALT encoding or Overwolf build?

  16    Barracks  
  16    Refinery  
  19    Marine  
  20    Orbital Command  
  20    Command Center  
  20    Barracks Reactor  
  22    Factory  
  22    Refinery  
  23    Marine x6  keep making marines
  29    Cyclone  keep making cyclones
  32    Orbital Command  
  32    Factory  proxied


VOD = 25:00

Innovation opens with a rax expand with 1 refinery at 16 supply. He makes a marine instead of a reaper at 19 because he doesn't need to know what his opponent is doing, since he is doing an all-in and can use the extra marine for his push. He makes a CC and an orbital but he won't be saturating his natural so he can use all his minerals for making units. _(This means he is behind on scv's assuming his opponent isn't cheesing, but can still try to transition if the all-in fails because he has 2 cc's)._

He makes a factory and refinery at 22, sends out an scv and proxies a factory nearish the enemy base but out of sight. He then makes a cyclone from each factory until he pushes. He heads out of his base just before the 5min mark with 12 marines and 5 cyclones, continuing to make more during his push and rallies to his army.

*In order for this build to be effective, you need to make sure you are producing 2 marines from the rax and cyclones from the factories at all times if possible. *

Comments (1)

On Nov. 16, 2017, 10:42 a.m., Naid  said:

I dont think this is supposed to be an All-In more like a timing attack right? Because Inno has like 38 workers when he wins this game, so he is just cutting some scvs to always produce units.

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