Vers 3:00 de jeu vous avez 2 cyclone .



Build Order

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  12  0:08  Supply Depot  
  12  0:13  SCV  
  13  0:32  Barracks  
  13  0:39  Refinery  
  13  0:45  Refinery  
  13  0:50  SCV  
  14  1:02  SCV  
  15  1:14  SCV  
  16  1:24  Factory  
  16  1:34  Barracks Reactor  
  16  2:15  Cyclone x2  
  22  2:18  Supply Depot  
  22  2:47  Cyclone  

Comments (3)

On Aug. 13, 2017, 1:28 p.m., defer  said:

It is good I finally understood how to make

On Aug. 13, 2017, 1:09 p.m., defer  said:

I do not know how to make sry

On July 26, 2017, 11:43 p.m., StoicLoofah  said:

hey defer, thanks for posting all of the builds. i hope you don't mind, but I have been doing a bit to clean up your build orders after you input them. Specifically, I have been:

1. copying the build order steps into the Build Order section instead of in the description. It's much better there because that data can be shown in the Overwolf app
2. Linking to the replay using the "Example" field instead of in the analysis. That provides more context for it.

Both of these are things if you use the "Export as New Build Order" button from the replays you are getting the steps from. If you want to read more about hte process, we have a guide on that at

I hope that helps, and thanks again for your content!

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