Today I’ll show you a strong opening for Terrans to use in all 3 matchups. It allows you to build economy and expand quickly. You can use this consistently for the first few minutes of every game to give you a consistent start to practice. You can branch off into any bio style from this. For you mech lovers, stay tuned I’ll get a beginner mech opening out to you soon.

  • First SCV rallies to your ramp
  • 14 Depot
  • 16 Barracks
    • Reactor
    • Nonstop Marine production
    • 16 Gas
  • 17th scv goes to scout
    • Hide it around their 3rd base for a later follow-up scout
  • 19 upgrade orbital command centre
  • 20 Command Centre
  • 20 2nd barracks
    • Tech Lab
    • Stim
    • Nonstop Marine production
  • 21 2nd depot to walloff
  • 22-23 3rd barracks
    • Reactor
    • Nonstop Marine production
  • @100 gas (after stim + reactors) - Factory + 2nd gas
    • Reactor
    • Swap off reactor
  • @100% Factory - Starport
    • Swap onto reactor
    • Medivac Production
  • @100% Stim - start combat shields
  • From here you can transition into whatever you want
    • 3rd CC, double engineering bay and 2 more barracks in whichever order you prefer
    • Tanks, mines or hellbats from factory
    • More medivacs or vikings/liberators from starport


Replay - Beginner Terran Opening #153

Build Order

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  12  0:01  SCV  
  13  0:13  SCV  
  14  0:18  Supply Depot  
  14  0:25  SCV  
  15  0:40  SCV, Barracks  
  16  0:44  Refinery  
  16  0:52  SCV  
  17  1:04  SCV  
  18  1:16  SCV  
  19  1:28  Orbital Command  
  19  1:30  Barracks Reactor  
  19  1:43  Command Center  
  19  1:55  SCV  
  20  2:01  Barracks  
  20  2:06  Marine  
  20  2:07  SCV  
  22  2:14  Marine  
  22  2:15  Supply Depot  
  23  2:28  Barracks  
  23  2:36  SCV, Marine x2  
  26  2:50  Barracks Tech Lab  
  27  2:56  Orbital Command  
  27  3:00  Marine x2  
  30  3:09  Marine, Stimpack  
  31  3:16  Barracks Reactor  
  31  3:18  Marine x2  
  34  3:24  Factory  
  36  3:34  Refinery  
  36  3:37  Marine  
  41  3:46  Supply Depot x2  
  47  4:10  Starport, Supply Depot  
  47  4:11  Factory Reactor  
  63  4:54  Medivac x2  
  63  4:59  Engineering Bay  
  69  5:12  Combat Shields  


Scouting + Staying Safe

Daily #10 - Fundamental Mechanics of SC comes in handy for map control:

If your opponent hasn’t expanded at all at 3:00 - Build some bunkers and be prepared to lift your natural base up to your high ground

Sacrifice a worker or basic unit at 4:00 through your opponents base to try and see what they’re up to

You don’t have the game knowledge to have any large reactions to scouting at this point, so try not to focus on it much. Just get used to controlling the map and seeing what they’re up to once in awhile. If you’re worried about invisible or flying units, just drop a few turrets at your bases around 4:30. No earlier than this as it disrupts your economy to invest in this too early. As you get better you’ll learn when you can get away with skipping these entirely.

Remember that there’s no absolute guide that will just make you win every game - your opponents are also intelligent people using all of their brain power to overcome you. Always look for areas to improve, always look to understand and experiment new units, styles or ideas in Starcraft. If you keep this critical and learning-focused mindset you’ll fall in love with Starcraft very fast. Gl learning the best and hardest game in the world!

Comments (8)

On Aug. 28, 2017, 2:55 a.m., PiG  said:

It didn't specifically write tech lab, however it said stim as the first thing to do on the barracks so it should be obvious that you need a tech lab first. Edited the tech lab in for clarity.

On Aug. 26, 2017, 11:11 p.m., BenJagmann  said:

Thanks for the upload, PiG. Helped me loads!

Can you please correct the addon on your 2nd barracks to tech lab? It was correctly picked up by spawning tool from ingame, though.

On July 21, 2017, 4:33 p.m., PiG  said:

Oh nvm my comment below, it was just the reaper was accidentally still in the build order (shouldn't be there). Good pickup guys

On July 21, 2017, 4:32 p.m., PiG  said:

Hey guys,

Really sorry about the written build at the top being incorrect, somehow had a 2-1-1 build accidentally pasted in there. The automatically grabbed notes from spawning tool were still good as always

On July 21, 2017, 3:20 p.m., Storky  said:

Doppler its mistake, no reaper there, 19th reactor goes instead of reaper, its simple and rusty modification of double drop 2-1-1 build

On July 21, 2017, 1 p.m., Doppler  said:

(I'm talking about the first build order in the description)

On July 21, 2017, 12:59 p.m., Doppler  said:

In the build order says that a reaper should be built at 19 supply, yet it's never done

On May 4, 2017, 5:33 p.m., Storky  said:

I left silver last night with your 2-1-1 build.
Well this build is easier for beginners than 2-1-1 = no reaper or drop control. But on silver level yearly 2 medivac drop is much stronger vs gold silver players.

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