Strong Opening defence and a powerful queen-ling-bane attack, though it doesn't work this game. First game I look at in my "defending Pressure in ZvP Daily"

2:30 Zergling path If you take a later 3rd (recommended for most players as you have to be really good to defend pressure and end up ahead off this opening) You need to check the probe doesn’t block your 3rd THEN head across the map

3:30 Ovie speed so absolute scouting this game however his lings get in anyway! One of the reasons many players don’t bother with ovie speed is lings getting in, lings poking the wall and slow overlord sacrifices will usually see everything you need! With skipping ovie speed if you don’t see exact tech you have to be a bit more general in your safety sometimes playing safe against the chance of things that might be coming if you don’t use this.

SG finishes at 3:20 - 35 seconds for an oracle to finish, another 20 seconds for it to get across the map, so he knows if he starts spores as the oracle pops, they should be done in time. So he can start spores at 3:55 and be ready just in time! Even Dark isn’t a robot and builds it a few seconds early just to be safe! If you have spare apm you can delay the spore in your least exposed base until 15-20s later. OR if you have a 4th queen you can just leave that doubled up at a mineral line and skip that spore for a whole minute as 2 queens will chase off an oracle very fast

5:00 - Bane nest/RW timing gets delayed cos saw Stargate

5:30 This is an ideal macro setup, you can add upgrades, 4th base, all your gases as you saturate 3 bases from here. However we’re going to see Dark try to use the common queen-drop + ling-bane bust which is fantastic against these stargate openings. Because the Protoss is so light on the ground they rely a lot on oracle/VR to defend busts at this timing. The queens nullify the air units allowing the lingbane to overwhelm This is especially awesome for breaking someone who’s rushing straight to carriers! Normally you drone soon after you start engaging the 3rd. You’d love to just win the game outright, but killing the 3rd is usually enough to allow a good transition 46-48 drones, 2-gases. 2.5 mineral lines.

* 7:00 *- Unfortunately in this game it doesn’t work out very well, there’s almost no direct damage and Dark is forced to keep trying to make something happen Mana overextends with his counter and loses his 3rd whilst only doing small damage From there Mana’s still in a decent spot but Dark out-positions him in lategame

Replay - Dark v MaNa: Game 1 - 뉴커크 재개발 지구 - 토너먼트 (공허의 유산)

Build Order

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  12  0:00  Drone  
  13  0:13  Overlord  
  13  0:19  Drone  
  14  0:32  Drone x3  
  17  0:54  Hatchery  
  17  0:56  Drone x2  
  18  1:08  Extractor  
  17  1:14  Spawning Pool  
  17  1:17  Drone x2  
  18  1:30  Drone  
  20  1:52  Hatchery  
  20  2:04  Zergling x2  
  20  2:08  Queen  
  23  2:13  Metabolic Boost  
  26  2:31  Overlord  
  28  2:48  Queen  
  28  2:49  Pneumatized Carapace  
  32  3:01  Overlord  
  33  3:09  Queen  
  37  3:32  Overlord x2  
  42  3:45  Spore Crawler x2  
  42  3:47  Queen  
  42  3:51  Spore Crawler  
  47  4:06  Evolution Chamber  
  47  4:10  Baneling Nest  
  53  4:24  Extractor  
  53  4:29  Zergling x8  
  58  5:01  Queen  
  58  5:04  Zergling x10  
  81  5:30  Baneling x8  
  81  5:37  Baneling x2  
  79  6:09  Lair  
  79  6:10  Zerg Melee Weapons Level 1, Queen x2  
  84  6:39  Hatchery  
  78  6:53  Queen x2  
  84  7:07  Queen  
  84  7:08  Centrifical Hooks  
  89  7:25  Spore Crawler  
  110  8:44  Infestation Pit  
  110  8:56  Extractor x2  
  110  9:02  Extractor x2  
  111  9:03  Burrow  
  111  9:04  Hatchery  
  108  9:22  Infestor  
  121  9:43  Hive  

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