In this game, TY goes for a 2 prong timing attack with marine/ Cyclone at the front, while dropping 2 mines and some marines in the main base.

He does not win the game from here as Stats is very prepared, but after the attack completes, take Stim/ combat shield, 4 more rax with reactors, while building up an army and getting a 3rd base asap.

Build Order

Why is there no SALT encoding or Overwolf build?

  16    Barracks  
  16    Refinery  
  20    Orbital Command  
  20    Reaper  
  20    Command Center  
  20    Factory  
  21    Barracks Reactor  
  22    Refinery  
  24    Starport  
  24    Marine x2  
  27    Widow Mine  
  29    Orbital Command  Natural
  30    Marine x2  
  33    Cyclone  
  37    Marine x2  
  41    Viking  
  44    Marine x2  
  46    Medivac  
  48    Widow Mine  
  50    Cyclone  
  53    Marine x8  
  61    Widow Mine  
  61    Barracks x2  Move out with army as units complete, drop in main with 2 mines and marines and attack the front with the rest
  61    Tech Lab x2  lift rax and factory to create 2 tech labs before putting them back
      Command Center  Army should be arriving at enemy base just before 5mins

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