A simple build order to follow on one base and good practice for basic mechanics.

It shouldn't be a competitive build order as expand comes very late. I made a pretty bad misclick when transferring my workers so it's not completely optimal.

Replay - BO - 3Rax

Build Order

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  12  0:02  SCV  
  13  0:14  SCV  
  13  0:18  Supply Depot  
  14  0:26  SCV  
  15  0:40  SCV  
  15  0:41  Barracks  
  16  0:47  Refinery  
  16  0:52  SCV  
  18  1:04  SCV  
  18  1:11  Barracks  
  18  1:16  SCV  
  19  1:28  Marine  
  19  1:29  Orbital Command  
  20  1:38  Barracks  
  20  1:49  Barracks Reactor  
  20  1:50  Supply Depot  
  20  1:57  SCV  
  20  2:00  Barracks Tech Lab  
  21  2:09  SCV  
  22  2:21  Marine x3  
  23  2:24  Stimpack  
  23  2:29  Supply Depot  
  25  2:35  Marine  
  26  2:45  Marauder, Marine x2  
  30  2:52  Supply Depot  
  30  2:54  Marine  
  31  3:03  Marine x2  
  33  3:07  Marauder  
  33  3:12  Marine  
  36  3:20  Supply Depot  
  36  3:21  Marine x2  
  38  3:28  Marauder  
  38  3:30  Marine  
  41  3:38  Marine x2  
  43  3:43  Supply Depot  
  43  3:48  Marine  
  43  3:49  Marauder  
  46  3:58  Marine x2  
  48  4:08  Marine  
  49  4:23  Supply Depot  
  49  4:25  Command Center  
  49  4:28  Concussive Shells  
  49  4:29  Marauder, Marine x2  
  53  4:44  SCV  
  54  4:46  Marine  
  54  4:52  Marauder, Marine x2  
  59  4:56  SCV  
  59  4:58  Supply Depot  
  60  5:07  Refinery  
  60  5:08  SCV  
  60  5:09  Marine x3  
  64  5:14  Marine  


Early game actions:

  1. Build an SCV and set the rally point to your ramp. [Hotkey CC]

  2. Queue up your second SCV.

  3. After first SCV builds, set rally point back to closest mineral field.

  4. When SCV reaches ramp, build a depot (as soon as you hit 100 minerals is ideal). You may queue up a movement to where you want to place your barracks.

  5. Queue up SCVs until the 16th is in the queue.

  6. As soon as depot finishes, start a barracks. [Hotkey Barracks] You may queue up your SCV to return to minerals upon completion.

  7. Quickly go back to your mineral line and get ready to build a refinery as soon as you hit 75 minerals.

  8. Continue building SCVs, queuing them up until the 19th is in queue.

  9. Start your second barracks as soon as you have 150 minerals. [Add it to Barracks Hotkey] You may queue your builder to return to mining minerals.

  10. Quickly go back to your refinery and put two additional workers on gas (for 3/3 mining)

  11. Go to your barracks and start a marine and quickly go back to your CC and transform it to an orbital.

  12. As soon as you get 150 minerals, start your third barracks. [Add it to Barracks Hotkey] You may queue your builder to return to mining minerals.

  13. When you get 100 minerals, build a supply depot to finish your wall. If this comes slightly after the next step it's okay.

  14. When the first marine finishes, start a reactor. This marine will be used to kill any worker scouts or to hold the wall from early zealot/ling pressure.

  15. When orbital finishes, start another SCV and call down a MULE to any close mineral field. Queue up a second SCV or build it when the first one finishes. Halt SCV production. Continue to drop MULEs when possible.

  16. Your second barracks should be finishing right after, add on a tech lab.

  17. When your tech lab finishes, start building a marine. Go to the tech lab and get stim started as soon as you have 100 gas.

  18. Your reactor should finish shortly after, start two marines. When your third barracks finishes slightly after that, start another marine.

  19. Start building a depot. This SCV will be dedicated to building depots. Every time a depot finishes, build another.

  20. Now that all your production is up, continuously build 1x Marauder, 2x Marine, 1x Marine from your three Barracks.

  21. Continue dropping MULEs, building depots and building army until Stim is almost done researching. Take your whole army and push across the map. Queue up concussive shells. If there weren't any lapses in production you should have around 15 Marines and 4 Marauders when you move out with Stim finishing around 4:25.

  22. Build a command center as you start to move out across the map. This is late by any normal standards, but if your attack doesn't win the game you need a fallback plan.

Try to hit your opponents expansion. Try not to stim until you engage their army/defense. If you don't deal significant damage you're probably screwed. If you kill the expo or at least a bunch of workers then the game could be pretty even. Get combat shields if you haven't already. Continue building out of your barracks, but prioritize infrastructure now.

Restart SCV production and get your second base saturated as soon as possible. All MULEs should go to your newest base. Tech up to reactored starport so you can spend your gas. Try to fit in an ebay or two for upgrades. Because your second was so late, aim to get a quick third.

Build medivacs continuously to spend gas, taking a second and third gas when you start to get low. If you ever get a surplus of minerals, make sure you are building enough depots and then add one two more barracks. Try to get addons for all your barracks, either building them directly or using the factory to build them and switch.

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