This is an all-in build order used a lot by pros since early January. We’ve seen a real evolution of zerg builds to take advantage of Terrans not scv scouting - mostly it’s just zerglings dodging reapers and slowing down command centres, but this build is a much simpler “I’m just gunna kill you” adaptation. If Terran doesn’t scout with an scv, it’s nearly impossible to hold. Even if they scv scout it’s incredibly hard to defend. There’s a lot of complexities to the potential micro due to how ravagers work so I’ll be pointing out some tips in that regard also. * Build:*

  • 14 pool
  • 14 gas (0:33)
  • 14 overlord
  • 14 2nd gas (0:55)
  • 2 on each gas
  • No queen
  • 14 @pool - RW + 2 lings (go across the map, dodge reaper and try to slow down CC)
  • 15 overlord
  • @100%RW 3xroaches + 3rd drone on each gas

  • Constant roach production

  • Arrive with first 3 ravagers at enemy natural at 3:00 (Paladino)

There is an alternative build order which opens 12 pool, skips the lings and ends up with 1 less drone but hits with the first 3 ravagers 10-15s faster. However the next few roaches and ravagers are slowed down due to the delayed overlord and early larva inefficiency. I’m still not sure which version is stronger, since hitting faster can potentially lead to a victory - but this is the version most pros are using right now.


Replay - 1 base ravager all in

Build Order

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  12  0:01  Drone  
  13  0:09  Drone  
  14  0:27  Spawning Pool  
  13  0:30  Drone  
  14  0:36  Extractor  
  14  0:37  Drone  
  14  0:45  Overlord  
  14  0:51  Extractor  
  14  0:52  Drone  
  14  1:06  Drone  
  15  1:15  Roach Warren  
  15  1:16  Zergling x2  
  15  1:30  Overlord  
  15  1:56  Roach x3  
  21  2:07  Roach  
  23  2:17  Ravager x2  
  23  2:20  Roach  
  27  2:25  Ravager  
  27  2:29  Roach  
  30  2:41  Overlord  



  • You rarely transition from this build. It’s almost completely all-in due to how low your mineral income is and the lack of a queen. If you do happen to try to transition make sure you pull off gas immediately to boost your mineral income.
  • Both of your first 2 overlords go straight towards the enemies ramp to provide highground vision - just ensure you don’t walk the 1st overlord into its death
  • Always morph roaches into ravagers ASAP - they walk faster so will cross the map quicker if you morph them on your side of the map
  • You should have corrosive bile on rapid fire so when you get up to 7+ ravagers you can instantly drop all their biles on a bunker to 1-shot it.
  • In other situations such as fighting marine scv in the open you should kite backwards
  • Pull weakened ravagers to the rear by individually clicking/boxing them and bringing them around the side and rear of your ball
  • Place individual bile at your feet and in front of the marines. As you stutter step they’ll have to dodge biles or eat huge damage whilst trying to close the distance with your superior range and mobility * Hold Position Micro* Often you will want to sit out of range of the bunker and blast down the barracks/depots in the wall. In this case you want to hold position your units in range of these, but out of range of the bunker. You might need to break this command to target down scvs or to cast bile whenever you can - but always move back to your ideal position and hold position again so your ravagers don’t accidentally aggro onto the bunkers

Shift-Bile Sometimes you want to spam biles onto bunkers from the lowground but they’re barely in reach so your ravagers will try to cram up the ramp and take massive damage. You can use shift to que up a move command to the casting location, followed by the bile, followed by a command to move backwards and most of the ravagers should fire off their biles and immediately pulll back. The order of actions in a list to make it simpler is:

  • Move to ideal casting location
  • Shift + Cast corrosive biles on target (using rapid fire)
  • Shift + Move back to safety

Rapid Fire Hotkey Trick:

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