This build order focuses on an early attack upgrade which will give you the edge in Zergling Baneling fights, as well as early game Zergling versus Roach fights. In the current map pool, this build is great, as there are countless options to run by.


Build Order

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  13  0:14  Overlord  
  17  0:56  Hatchery  
  18  1:06  Extractor  Put 3 Drones in ASAP
  17  1:18  Spawning Pool  
  22  2:12  Queen x2, Overlord  
  22  2:13  Zergling x2, Metabolic Boost  
  30  2:46  Zergling x2, Baneling Nest  Morph them as safety Banelings in your natural
  32  2:50  Evolution Chamber  Should have 70 Gas in the bank
  35  3:03  Hatchery  Could also be another Queen + Spine Crawler for defense instead
  39  3:20  Zerg Melee Weapons Level 1  
  39  3:31  Baneling x2  After this, non-stop Zerglings
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The attack can start as early as 4:00, but if you wait until +1 attack is done around 5:15, you will be in much better shape

This build requires good Zergling/Baneling micro.

The +1 attack is preferable to the +1 armor because

  1. run-bys are much more dangerous
  2. you can kill Banelings much faster
  3. surviving Zerlings with +1 armor from Baneling explosions are too weak anyways

You can go for the +1 armor if you aren't comfortable with the micro if you delay the Evo Chamber slightly.

If it doesn't work, you can transition into Spire and go into Ultras late game. If they go Roaches, then you can use the Mutas and Zergling run-bys to contain them until you can get your own Roaches going

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  • Created by: lowkotv    
  • Published on: Sep 24, 2015
  • Patch: Pre-3.8.0
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Comments (2)

On Sept. 27, 2016, 11 a.m., somekid38  said:

This build looks very interesting but I'd like to study it further. Are there any more resources documenting the build? Also, could this be adapted for fighting Terran or Protoss by use of a baneling bust? Thank you for posting this.

On March 26, 2016, 10:02 a.m., 4thJobHokage  said:

Great build, from LotV release until around late January I've been using this build almost exclusively in ZvZ and this gave me a 55~60% win rate in ZvZ in Diamond.

I find it VERY strong vs Roach play, in small numbers +1 Melee speedlings actually trade with roaches very well. If I couldn't outright kill the opponent, I would cancel/kill their 3rd, go up to 4 gases and make a Mutalisk switch. Normally a Roach push is quite scary if teching to Mutas when Mutas aren't out yet but +1 Melee Speedling + Queens + some spines can defend no problem and buy time for the Mutas. I then go into a 3 Base Muta vs 2 Base Roach scenario which I almsot always win.

Recently I have stopped using this build though as I notice more player's playing Muta. I find if I get +1 Melee my Lair and additional gases are quite a bit later (especially as I'm making lings and not drones which I'd need to fill the gases).
Even if I kill the opponent's 3rd, my spire starts when there's finishes and it ends badly.

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