Pretty much the first time this has ever been done, Nightmare goes for a 7 minute chargelot blink DT timing attack!

He initially harasses with DT's and a prism before getting another prism and warping in a bunch of Zealots and DT's before blinking and charging on-top of the army.


Build Order

Why is there no SALT encoding or Overwolf build?

  16    Gateway  
  16    Assimilator  
  19    Nexus  
  19    Cybernetics Core  
  19    Assimilator  
  22    Adept  
  24    Mothership Core  
  26    Warp Gate  
  28    Robotics Facility  
  32    Twilight Council  
  35    Gateway x2  
  39    Dark Shrine  
  40    Warp Prism  
  43    Assimilator x2  
  46    Stalker x3  For defence against drops
  59    Shadow Stride  
  59    Charge  
  59    Warp Prism  
  53    Dark Templar x3  Use for harass with first warp prism
  62    Gateway x2  
      Dark Templar x3  Nightmare has 6 DT's for this attack but you can make more if you want
      Zealot x10  2 warp-in's of Zealots from the warp prism


VOD for this match starts at 02:35:00

Times and supply counts in brackets

Nightmare opens very standard with a (16)gate (16)gas into (19)nexus, (19)cyber core and (19)gas. Nightmare then gets an (22)adept and a (24)mothership core in order to deny scouting because he doesn't want his opponent to have any idea of what he is doing.

He then goes for a (28)robo so he can make the 2 warp prisms he wants for harass and warping in at the frontline, aswell as a (32)Twilight for charge. Next he gets another (35)2 gates which will eventually be 5 so he can warp-in a sufficient amount of units, a DT Shrine, 2 more gasses and then starts producing the 2 warp prism that he wants as the Robo finishes

A drop of 4 Marines and a Cyclone arrives at 4:15 and to defend this, Nightmare makes 3 stalkers, the adept and the mothership core.

_As soon as his DT Shrine is done, he warps in 3 DT's (53) and starts harassing. He separates the DT's so that if the Terra doesn't have a Raven (almost definitely won't) then he needs to scan each DT inividually so be able to kill them. By doing this, Nightmare forces scans which means the Terran can't makes mules for eco...makes the Terran spend more apm on killing those DT's, while also allowing Nightmare to scout everything the Terran is doing. _

After making those initial 3 DT's he immediately gets (59)DT Blink, Charge, another 2 gates and with the second warp prism he warps in up to 5-6 DT's, and 2 rounds of Zealots ASAP.

(7:00) As soon as the charge and DT blink is done, and the warp-in's are done, he attack straight into the army blinking ontop of it and absolutely destroys the Terran.

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