• 12 pool
  • 14 overlord (40s)

  • 3 pair lings

  • Queen
  • 1 pair lings
  • 1 pair lings
  • 1 pair lings
  • Metabolic Boost
  • 1 pair lings
  • Overlord (22/22)
  • Bane Nest ASAP [drone from gas], build drone & send to minerals

  • Pokes against one base zerg confirm no mass ling rush

  • opponent has almost completed roach warren
  • cancels bane nest (self) - DISCUSS
  • Builds roach warren
  • Spots roaches coming from opponent, soo retreats
  • keeps lings alive for scouting, threatening backstab and denying third. comes in super useful once natural completes! (drones ahoy!)

  • 26 supply (3:01) takes natural, build drone& send to minerals

  • Build drone& send to gas
  • Full 1base, 1gas saturation
  • Roach production

  • Drones after hatch completes (~6 roaches)

  • Queen after first 4 drones
  • Lair
  • Evolution chamber ~55 supply (15 drones on nat minerals)
  • Second gas, drone back up to 16 on minerals, 3 on 2nd gas
  • Resume roach production

  • Takes third ~12 roaches then continues producing roaches

  • Gets caught at third with lings, uses them to suicide scout
  • Scout on soo's third baits opponent into attacking
  • soO already knows the angle of attack and that the attack MUST happen
  • ZvZ is too volatile and revolves around the third
  • Pre-positions roaches, keeps them moving for perfect concave
  • Crushes opponent's attack


Replay - [2016-12-24](ZvZ) [PolyG]Shaft vs [Garude]HaKin on Daybreak LE (Void)

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Great example of production stages. Clearly offense early, clearly gains advantage of +1 base. Uses pre-existing units to secure advantage by droning extremely hard ASAP on only 6 roaches. Then switches out into mass roach production again. Simple strategy, flawless execution.

The all-in portion is probably best viewed in video format ( available now courtesy of Polygon Gaming) for visual execution tips and tricks.

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  • Created by: PolygonSC2
  • Published on: Dec 27, 2016
  • Modified on: Dec 27, 2016
  • Patch: 3.8.0
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