An extractor tricked Hatch, pool, gas into a dropperlord, queen, ling all-in at the 3rd or natural.


Build Order

Why is there no SALT encoding or Overwolf build?

  15    Hatchery  Extractor Trick
  15    Overlord  Extractor Trick
  15    Spawning Pool  
  18    Extractor  1st drone popping after going 18 rallied to extractor
  19    Queen x2  
  23    Zergling  
  24    Overlord  
  26    Metabolic Boost  
  34    Queen, Overlord  
  34    Queen, Zergling x2  To deal with harass since he lost original 2 lings scouting
  36    Lair  
  36    Queen  5th
  38    Hatchery  3rd
  42    Action, Overlord  At 30 drones, spam zerglings, not getting supply blocked
  43    Action, Pneumatized Carapace  Queued @100gas, Morph 3 dropperlords when Ovie speed is nearly finished
  43    Action x2  Rally 3 overlords to natural to be morphed, Load queen into dropperlords and push at the 3rd
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Should be scouting from the 2 minute mark around the edge of the base to see if a stargate can be spotted and using dotted lings to watch units going across the map and to see if the opponent makes a 3rd.

No 3rd = aggression or tech. If aggression the push will not do as well. If teching greedily then the push will do just as well.

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  • Created by: ANTI   
  • Published on: Mar 31, 2024
  • Modified on: Mar 31, 2024
  • Patch: 5.0.11
  • Difficulty: Medium

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