This is a recreation of Winters Bronze-Gold opener, creating this so I can add to OverWolf and track my progress.


Build Order

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  14  0:22  Pylon  Place in a way you can wall off your natural
  16  0:43  Gateway  Start the wall, Scout with probe off gateway
  17  0:55  Assimilator  
  20  1:25  Cybernetics Core  Continue building the wall in front of natural
  21  1:45  Nexus  At natural
  21  1:53  Gateway  Finish the wall at natural
  23  2:00  Adept  Place on hold position in gap of the wall
  23  2:05  Pylon  
  23  2:17  Assimilator  Second assimilator at main
  23  2:25  Warp Gate (Chrono Boost)  start researching warp
  25  2:53  Adept, Stargate  Scouting adept. As soon as it's out, scout.
  27  3:18  Adept  
  35  3:43  Void Ray  
  37  4:00  Pylon  Get 3 more pylons because you're getting ready to throw down a lot of gates
  38  4:12  Sentry  
  40  4:25  Twilight Council, Robotics Bay  
  45  4:57  Forge  
  46  5:10  Gateway  Add 4 more gates and get ready to party!
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This is a basic opener. It utilizes lots of stalkers and Winter suggests that once getting solidly into gold you should look to transition more into CIA (Chargelot, immortal, archon) builds. Stalkers have their place but once you can handle better builds with casters, you should :)

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  • Created by: CapnDutch
  • Published on: Mar 31, 2023
  • Modified on: Mar 31, 2023
  • Patch: 4.11.0
  • Difficulty: Medium
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