ТвЗ Мех 2х базовый подпушь Батл + Хэлббаты с поздней 3й (С 0 до ГМЛ) 14 - 16 - 16 (Саплай Барак Газ) Рипер -- > Марик --> Реактор на бараке 20 ЦЦ 23 Факта (2:12) -> 2й Газ почти сразу 3:00 Факта перелетает на реактор -> Старпорт -> Факта делает геликов нон стоп 3:38 саплай -> Викинг(если сразу после викинга заказать т.лаб он успевает к заказу Батла, или заказть т.лаб на бараке) -> Центр Синтеза 4:35 Батл Крузер -> +2 Газа (3й, 4й) 4:45 Армари(если играем активный мех будем делать армор, при пасивном атаку, в пасивном приоритет +2 с +1 роуч умирает с 2х залпов с.танка) 5:18 +2 факты (2я;3я) 5:35 Первый батл вылетает делает т.п. Гелика под базой раскладываются в Хэлбатов(10шт) ~ 6 минута 3я ЦЦ.
старпорт делает реактор для фактори будущей барак делает лабу для фаткори будущей

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Replay - Altitude LE TvZBratOkMech

Build Order

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  12  0:00  SCV  
  13  0:12  SCV  
  14  0:17  Supply Depot  
  14  0:24  SCV  
  15  0:38  SCV  
  15  0:40  Barracks  scv that build rax will scout after
  16  0:45  Refinery  
  16  0:51  SCV  
  17  1:03  SCV  
  18  1:15  SCV  
  19  1:28  Orbital Command, Reaper  check amount of drones if there is nothing then make tanks bunkers
  20  1:42  Command Center  
  20  1:51  Supply Depot  
  20  1:54  SCV  
  21  1:59  Marine  
  22  2:07  SCV  
  22  2:10  Factory  
  22  2:18  Refinery  
  22  2:20  SCV  
  23  2:23  Barracks Reactor  
  23  2:32  SCV  
  25  2:44  SCV  
  25  2:53  Orbital Command  
  25  2:56  SCV  
  25  2:57  Starport  
  26  3:03  Hellion x2  
  30  3:08  SCV  
  31  3:20  SCV x2  
  31  3:24  Hellion x2  
  31  3:26  Supply Depot  
  37  3:34  SCV x2  
  39  3:35  Viking  
  41  3:42  Fusion Core  to afford it u shouldnot build some scv and with armory same
  41  3:46  SCV  
  41  3:47  Hellion x2  
  44  3:53  SCV  
  47  3:58  Supply Depot  
  47  3:59  SCV  
  48  4:05  SCV  
  48  4:07  Starport Tech Lab  
  48  4:09  Hellion x2  
  51  4:11  SCV  
  54  4:19  SCV x2, Supply Depot  
  56  4:31  SCV  
  56  4:37  SCV  
  58  4:40  Refinery x2  
  58  4:41  Battlecruiser  
  64  4:46  SCV  
  64  4:48  Supply Depot  
  64  4:49  Hellion x2  
  70  4:52  SCV  
  70  4:59  Armory  
  70  5:10  Hellion x2, SCV x2, Supply Depot x2  
  76  5:22  SCV, Factory x2  barack make lab , starport has lab
  76  5:28  SCV  
  78  5:33  Hellion x2  
  82  5:35  Barracks Tech Lab  
  82  5:37  SCV  
  83  5:43  SCV  
  84  5:50  SCV x2  
  84  5:53  Command Center  
  84  5:59  Hellion x2  
  84  6:02  SCV x2  
  89  6:08  Supply Depot  
  90  6:14  Engineering Bay  
  90  6:17  Starport Reactor, Barracks Tech Lab  liberators, for future factories (2+) then (3)
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Listen up, Terrans! If you want to dominate in TvZ, follow these tips and you'll crush those pesky Zergs. First, send a KSM-built Barracks for scouting. If you spot a completed second base, you're in good shape. Follow up with a Reaper to check for drones and whether there's any Zerg creep tumor.

Remember where those pesky Overlords are headed, and take them out with your Vikings. If the Zerg's second base lacks a Creep Tumor and their Queen is energy-depleted, it means they spent their energy on Injection. Prepare for aggression, especially if there are no drones on the second base - you're in for a fight.

Be cautious with your Reaper - losing it is a big no-no. Check the third base at 2:50; if it's not there, hop onto the enemy's main base and see what's up.

When your Battlecruiser is ready, have your Hellions stationed at the enemy's bases. Teleport your Battlecruiser in and simultaneously attack with your Hellbats. In most cases, you'll emerge victorious and secure the win. Now, go out there and dominate the Zergs!

This build order is all about aggressive Helion play in the early game, followed by a transition to Battlecruisers, and then a switch back to Helbats for a devastating attack on the opponent's main base.

The build starts with a quick Supply Depot and Barracks, allowing for early Marine production and defense against any early aggression from the opponent. The Refinery follows soon after, which is crucial for gas-intensive Helion production.

The first few minutes of the game are all about Helion production and harassment. The Orbital Command and Reaper are produced at 1:28, providing scouting information and further harassment potential. The Command Center is built at 1:42, followed by a Supply Depot and additional Marines at 1:51 and 1:59, respectively.

The transition to Helion-based aggression begins at 2:10 with the production of a Factory. The second Refinery follows soon after, allowing for continuous Helion production. The Barracks Reactor is added at 2:23, allowing for additional production to complement the Helions.

The game transitions to Battlecruisers at the 3:42 mark, with the production of a Fusion Core. The Hellions continue to be produced and used for harassment while the Battlecruisers are being built. Once the Battlecruisers are ready, the build switches back to Helbats for a devastating attack on the opponent's main base.

The Armory is built at 4:59, allowing for the production of upgraded Helbats. The first Battlecruiser is produced at 4:41, with additional ones following shortly after. Once the Battlecruisers are ready, the player teleports them to the opponent's main base and uses the Helbats to quickly overrun and destroy the opponent's workers and structures.

Overall, this build order is aggressive and confident, relying on quick Helion production and harassment to gain an advantage in the early game. The transition to Battlecruisers provides additional harassment potential and the threat of a devastating main base attack, which can catch the opponent off guard and lead to a quick victory.

In case the initial attack does not completely defeat the opponent, the build order also allows for a transition to Liberators and Banshees, which can provide additional harassment and map control. This can be especially useful against opponents who are trying to rebuild their forces and structures, as it can slow down their progress and allow the player to maintain their advantage.

Overall, this build order provides a strong and aggressive early game strategy, with the potential to transition into a more versatile mid-to-late game composition. The combination of Helions, Battlecruisers, and Helbats can provide a devastating blow to the opponent's economy and infrastructure, while the addition of tanks, Liberators can provide additional support and control. With careful execution and good decision-making, this build order can be a powerful tool for players looking to dominate their opponents and secure victories.

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  • Created by: WhiteStormblessed
  • Published on: Feb 19, 2023
  • Modified on: Mar 06, 2023
  • Patch: 4.11.0
  • Difficulty: Medium
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