If you scout twilight, opt for or instead. Please note that this one is still more in the ideas phase and can very likely be refined

Build Order

Why is there no SALT encoding or Overwolf build?

  13    Overlord  
  16    Hatchery  pull drone @ 200 minerals, go take the third if a probe is being a jackass and blocking your nat
  18    Extractor  first drone after hatch rallies to minerals, second to gas, third to pool location
  17    Spawning Pool  
  23    Queen x2  pull 2 drones out of gas as well
  27    Zergling  
  28    Overlord  
  28    Hatchery  
  28    Metabolic Boost  pull third drone out of gas
  32    Overlord  both queens inject
  34    Queen x2  put 2 drones back in gas in the main
  42    Overlord  
  44    Extractor  put third drone back in gas in the main
  49    Queen  start this at the third, saturate 2nd gas when it finishes
  51    Overlord  
  58    Extractor x2  
  63    Overlord x2  
  72    Queen  
  56  3:55  Lair, Zergling x4  stop droning except to replace drones lost by making structures, its lings and overlords until hydras are ready
  72    Hydralisk Den  
  72    Hydralisk x10, Overlord  hydra time
  72    Hatchery, Grooved Spines  hydra range first
  106  5:50  Muscular Augments  start moving across the map and get hydra speed in the queue
  107  6:20  Zergling  keep making lings and hydras, dont forget injects or overlords and try to kill them
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  • Created by: Ragnarokette
  • Published on: Nov 28, 2022
  • Modified on: Nov 28, 2022
  • Patch: 4.11.0
  • Difficulty: Hard

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