Once again the goal is to get to two saturated mineral lines and gasses and attack with +1 roaches as soon as possible. There are once again some variations here to respect the possibility of things like ling floods and early cheese in the matchup. You can take a third behind the attack if you like but it's not included by default in this build order

Build Order

Why is there no SALT encoding or Overwolf build?

  13    Overlord  
  16    Hatchery  pull a drone down from the main @ 200 minerals
  18    Extractor  first drone rallies to minerals, second rallies to gas, third rallies to pool location
  17    Spawning Pool  
  20    Overlord  first three drones after pool rally into gas, fourth to natural mineral line
  20    Queen x2  this build skips safety lings and ling speed
  31    Overlord  
  31    Lair  don't pull drones off gas in the main
  31    Queen  spare queen at the natural
  36    Evolution Chamber  wall off with this and the roach warren. It won't be a full wall without a second evo, but you want the option to do that available if they ling flood you
  35    Roach Warren  
  37    Overlord  
  42    Extractor x2  saturate these from the mineral drones as soon as they finish
  40    Zerg Missile Weapons Level 1  
  43    Evolution Chamber  finish the wall off, use a queen in the remaining gap on hold position
  46    Glial Reconstitution  roach speed
  47    Overlord  
  47  3:53  Roach  start pumping out roaches, remember that an overlord has enough supply for four roaches so make lots of them too
  90  4:50  Roach  start moving out, your roach speed and +1 should be about finished
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  • Created by: Ragnarokette
  • Published on: Nov 28, 2022
  • Modified on: Nov 28, 2022
  • Patch: 4.11.0
  • Difficulty: Medium

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