This also works against protoss who open with a twilight council. The goal here is to get 2 mineral lines and 3 gasses saturated while being relative safe and hit right as +1 attack finishes. If you are a very new player, the supply increases are all from droning until it's time to make roaches.

Build Order

Why is there no SALT encoding or Overwolf build?

  13    Overlord  very standard 16 hatch opener for the first few minutes, you can skip ahead if you are familiar but I'm putting detailed notes for newer players
  16    Hatchery  pull a drone from the main mineral line to the natural @ 200 minerals
  18    Extractor  first drone after the natural rallies to minerals, second rallies to gas, third rallies to spawning pool location
  17    Spawning Pool  
  16    Drone x3  these three drones are all rallied to gas
  20    Overlord  
  20    Queen x2  
  24    Zergling x2  
  28    Metabolic Boost  ling speed for safety at 100 gas, pull 2 off gas then 20 drone in the natural hides behind the mineral line at the third to prepare to take the third
  30    Hatchery  main queen injects, natural queen puts down a creep tumor
  32    Overlord  
  34    Queen  third queen in the natural
  41    Overlord  
  46    Queen  fifth queen in the nat
  48    Evolution Chamber  
  47    Roach Warren  
  46    Queen, Extractor  fourth queen in the main, refill gas in the main
  48    Evolution Chamber  
  48    Lair  
  46    Extractor  take both gasses in the nat, pull workers from the mineral line as soon as they finish
  53    Overlord x2  
  53    Zerg Missile Weapons Level 1  
  53  4:32  Glial Reconstitution, Roach  maek da roachie from here on out, don't forget that you need an overlord for ever 4 roaches, roach speed as soon as lair is done
  100  5:45  Roach x2  start moving across the map with your army as +1 is ~75% done. Good creep spread or overlord poop since you have a lair can help speed up the attack but it can be ignored if you feel overwhelmed., keep making roaches and injecting behind your a-move, you either win or lose now so gg!
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  • Created by: Ragnarokette
  • Published on: Nov 28, 2022
  • Modified on: Nov 28, 2022
  • Patch: 4.11.0
  • Difficulty: Medium

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