This is NOT A BUILD!!!

This is only to get you decent fundamentals and progress forwards.

This Build is designed to get you to your Optimal starting position.

General Tips:

If you scout aggression or see units coming across. Stop where you are and create army. You may resume after the enemy push has been defeated.

After this is finished you are to build X many overlords with each Inject Cycle. X Being your Saturated Mineral Lines

End Position:

  • TIME: 4:00
  • Lair, Roach Warren Started
  • 2 Mineral Lines Saturated
  • 1 Gas Extractor
  • 3 Hatch Built
  • 3 Inject Queens
  • 1 Inject Queen with Creep Connecting all 3 Bases

Build based on:

Build Order

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  13  0:13  Overlord  
  16  0:50  Hatchery  
  18  1:10  Extractor  
  17  1:15  Spawning Pool  Rally next 3 Drones into gas
  20  1:50  Overlord  Save up from here to get the 2 queens + 2 lings
  20  2:02  Queen x2  
  24  2:04  Zergling x2  These will become your Scouting Lings
  26  2:13  Metabolic Boost  After this take 2 drones off gas and put on the Natural minerals
  30  2:36  Hatchery  Use the First Drone from the Natural
  29  2:42  Creep Tumor  Out Front the Natural. This is your Creep/Defense Queen
  29  2:45  Queen  Made in Natural to replace the queen
  31  2:48  Overlord  
  36  3:03  Overlord  You might Supply Block but this will be for 1-3 Seconds
  36  3:16  Drone x2  Rally These 2 Drones into your Gas
  36  3:20  Overlord x2  
  44  3:30  Overlord  This is to replace your Scout
  44  3:45  Lair  Preferably in Natural
  45  3:50  Roach Warren  
  50  3:55  Queen  Make at 3rd
  50  4:00  Overlord x2  You Make 2 Overlords at a Time since on 2 Base mining
Spawning Tool Build Advisor. Get it on Overwolf


From here you either Drone your 3rd or Make Army depending on what your scouted 3:30.

Scouting TIPS:

ZvP - 3rd Nexus around 4:00 to 5:00 = Safe to drone 3rd and take 4th after

  • Lots of Gates = Timing Attack Soon
  • Robo With Gates = Enemy plans to play Heavy Ground Army = Play Ling Bane
  • Twilight with Gates = Planning to attack with upgrades = Play Roach Ravager
  • More than 1 Stargate = Planning to go Skytoss. Hit them Early = Play Hydra Corruptor

ZvT - 3rd Command Center around 4:00 to 5:00 = Safe to drone 3rd and take 4th after

  • Lots of Barracks = Bio Based Timing Attack soon = Play Ling Bane
  • Reactor on Barracks = Expect Drops = 2-3 Queens in each base
  • Tech lab on Barracks = Expect Stim Timing around 6-7 Min = Split army army Bases

  • Lots of Factories = Mech Based Strong Mid Game = Play Roach Ravager

  • Reactor on Factory = Hellions Soon or Mine Drops = 2-3 Queens in each base
  • Tech Lab on Factory = Expect Tanks and turtle Terran = Play Roach Ravager Muta

  • More than 1 Starport = Battle Cruisers = 2-3 Queens in each base Get Hydra Den

  • Reactor on Starport = Expect Drops = 2-3 Queens in each base
  • Tech Lab on Starport = Expect Banshees = 2-3 Queens in each base 2 Spores in each base

  • Tech Lab on Factory with lots on Barracks = Tank push around 7-8 Min = try to catch them before siege

ZvZ Base Count is first Priority, use first Lings to scout this. You need the overlords to scour the natural and out front his base exits

2 Main Scouts: - 2:00 Scout for natural - 3:30 Scout for Drones and Gas in Natural

1 Base = You noticed this with the first overlord - 1 Spine + 1 Bane Nest - Make Ling Bane don't drone your 2nd

2 Base but no drones = You should expect mass lings - Wall off natural with bane nest, 2 Evo's, and Queen on hold position - You make drone until you see the lings leave the base - Play Ling Bane

2 Base with drones and 2 Gas = 2 Base Muta - Get 2 Queen and 2 spores in each base - Play Ling Bane Hydra

2 Base with drones and 0 Gas = 2 Base Timing Attack - Can help have Upgrades +1 Ranged preferably +1 Armor if you have the gas - Play Ling Roach Ravager

3 Base down Make a few Safety Roach/Banes and drone your 3rd and take your 4th after.

If no 3rd Base by 3:30 expect army very soon

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  • Created by: Strawbaby    
  • Published on: Nov 22, 2022
  • Modified on: Nov 28, 2022
  • Patch: 4.11.0
  • Difficulty: Easy
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Comments (2)

On Nov. 26, 2022, 6:23 a.m., waterbottlesu  said:

i love the scouting tips and the concept of this guide. helps a new player like me a ton on something that is definitely not covered as concisely as you made it in this guide.

On Nov. 22, 2022, 5:46 a.m., Strawbaby  said:

This is intended to be used for players Platinum and below. Once you are Diamond you should learn a real build. The Opener might look very similar to how this other openers if you are going Economic, But there is more to do after the first 4 Min of the Game.

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