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Complete Build Order

  13  0:13  Overlord  
  17  0:44  Spawning Pool  
  17  1:07  Hatchery  At natural, rally the 17 supply drone
  18  1:14  Extractor  Make IMMEDIATELY after starting 18 drone, rally ONLY 2 into it when it is done
  18  1:29  Queen  Use to inject then down to nat
  20  1:32  Zergling  Send to kill SCV making CC, avoid reaper
  21  1:39  Overlord  
  21  1:47  Drone  Rally to take 3rd
  22  2:00  Drone  rally into gas
  23  2:08  Queen  Starts after 1st queen is done
  26  2:17  Hatchery  At 3rd with rallied drone
  26  2:30  Roach Warren  In main as soon as you get 150 minerals
  26  2:40  Drone x2  
  20  2:50  Overlord  
  30  3:00  Roach x7  Make up to 44 supply (intentional block
  44  3:24  Overlord  
  44  3:30  Roach x2  Make at nat and 3rd when it finishes
  50  4:00  Action  Hit opponent's base with 8 roaches and 1 ravager that you morphed on the way, macro behind