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Complete Build Order

  16  0:37  Action  Send drone to nat
  16  0:47  Hatchery  
  15  0:51  Drone x3  2nd drone to gas, 3rd drone to pool
  18  1:09  Extractor  
  17  1:12  Spawning Pool  
  16  1:18  Drone x3  rally to gas
  19  1:40  Drone x2  rally 20th to nat, rally 21st to 3rd base
  21  1:51  Action  When 20th drone finishes, pull 2 off gas, send to nat
  21  2:00  Zergling x2, Queen x2  
  27  2:18  Overlord  in main base
  27  2:19  Drone  in nat
  28  2:25  Drone x4, Hatchery  3rd base
  31  2:45  Queen  at nat
  33  2:50  Overlord, Drone x3  in main
  36  3:05  Overlord  in main
  36  3:10  Drone x4, Action  tumour in main, pull queen to front, rally 2 to gas
  40  3:15  Queen  in main
  40  3:20  Action  after this spam up to 9 queens, spam drones, make lings to defend hellions, react to opponent