Disruptor drop into stalker disruptor into chargelot blink stalker disruptor. The play style focuses on harassing terran so that you can set the pace of the game and keep terran on low economy.


Build Order

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  14  0:20  Pylon  
  16  0:47  Gateway  Send probe to scout
  17  0:53  Assimilator  
  20  1:24  Nexus  pause probes till nexus + core are placed at 20
  20  1:30  Cybernetics Core  
  22  2:00  Pylon  
  23    Stalker  chrono stalker and nexus
  25    Robotics Facility  
  27    Adept  send this adept to scout - check for reactor or tech lab on bunker/factory on ramp
  35  3:15  Gateway x2  These can create a semi wall at nat if suspecting helion runby
  36    Robotics Bay  
  36    Observer  rally to opponents main to scout and then place near nat exit
  37    Pylon  
  42    Assimilator  
  42    Assimilator  
  44    Pylon  
  44  4:14  Stalker x3  Have 5 units at ramp ready to defend widow mine drop
  54  4:28  Warp Prism  
  54  4:30  Gravitic Drive  prism speed is optional. start looking at minimap for drops.
  58  4:55  Disruptor  chrono boost
  59    Pylon x2  
  60  5:04  Nexus, Shield Battery  at nat
  62    Pylon  at third
  62  5:30  Disruptor  chrono boost
  67  5:50  Action  take both disruptors and aim to drop terran's nat
  68  6:00  Observer  make more observers to get map vision
  70  6:10  Twilight Council, Forge  
  70    Gateway x3  
  76  6:55  Action  start blink and +1 attack
      Action, Robotics Facility  start harassing with blink stalkers and attempt to hit disruptor shots
      Action x2  place pylons on the edges to spot drops, warp in blink stalkers and make disruptors non stop
  80  7:06  Gateway x2  
  120    Gateway  start charge and start massing chargelots for runbys
  120    Gateway  
Spawning Tool Build Advisor. Get it on Overwolf


The disruptor drops will keep terran on the defensive. Blink stalkers give you mobility to roam around the map and pick on any early armies trying to move out. Also help harass/delay the terran's third and help your disruptors setup devastating novas in the mid game.

The late game consists of massing chargelots and flooding the terran from all sides.

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  • Created by: MegaBolt
  • Published on: Jul 16, 2022
  • Modified on: Jul 16, 2022
  • Patch: 4.11.0
  • Difficulty: Hard

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