Standard TvZ as seen in the vast majority of pro games, based on HeroMarine's tutorial on his youtube channel, which you should definitely watch a few times. This build order is hard. Don't try it if you're not willing to practice a lot. The build starts at 1:27 because before that it's just a standard reaper expand. The build order steps are not complete, only key points are shown. The reason for this, is that there are so many things to do, that it's better to remember most of the steps rather than constantly look at the instructions. You should understand basic macro mechanics and be comfortable with automating your army and worker production. Most of the steps are logical, for example, when your 2nd CC completes, make an orbital. When your first 2 hellions complete, make another 2 (up to 8). When your first banshee completes, make another one. Constantly make SCVs. After the 3rd depot, constantly make another depot every ~18 seconds. You will have to watch HeroMarine's tutorial to properly understand this build as there are a lot of details and things like addon swaps which I cannot show here on spawning tool. Standard TvZ scout is to barracks scout with your SCV, then followup scout the 3rd base/tech with your reaper.


Build Order

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  19  1:27  Reaper  
  20  1:50  Supply Depot  2nd
  21  1:58  Marine  
  23  2:10  Factory  
  24  2:20  Barracks Reactor  
  26  2:41  Command Center  
  27  3:02  Starport  
  28  3:06  Refinery  2nd
  28  3:16  Hellion x2  up to 6/8
  35  3:30  Barracks Tech Lab  
  44  3:56  Banshee  
  47  4:00  Cloaking Field  
  47  4:05  Supply Depot  3rd
  54  4:15  Barracks Tech Lab  
  62  4:37  Stimpack  
  67  4:48  Refinery  3rd
  69  4:54  Factory Reactor, Barracks x2  
  72  5:04  Refinery  4th
  75  5:15  Engineering Bay x2  
  78  5:25  Starport Reactor  
  82  5:44  Terran Infantry Weapons Level 1, Barracks x2, Terran Infantry Armor Level 1  
  104  6:20  Combat Shield  
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  • Created by: Hyperborean
  • Published on: May 04, 2022
  • Modified on: Dec 06, 2023
  • Patch: 4.11.0
  • Difficulty: Hard
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