I really like this build that Dark used in IEM against Trap on Blackburn. It was before the Queen/Void Ray nerf, however I actually think it's even stronger since the patch.

  • The VOD is of Dark vs Trap, the replay is just me playing the build vs an opponent, I don't have an actual replay of Dark doing it
  • Match in VOD starts at 38:58
  • I believe it's meant vs Double Stargate, but I think it can work vs single Stargate
  • I don't think that the opener matters too much. Whether you play Hatch first, Pool first, 30 supply 3rd hatch, 20 supply 3rd Hatch, it can all work with this build
  • I left out spore timings, this is up to you. I personally do 1 blind spore at 3:30 in my natural in case of Oracle first, while my main base & 3rd base have 2 Queens at them, then I add a 4:10 Spore to my main/natural so that if I'm not babysitting my Queens I won't lose half a mineral line to an Oracle or 2 later on
  • I believe Dark went to 52 drones, I personally only go to 46~49 because Lings are quite cheap & I find myself floating minerals if I'm controlling stuff coming out of the Nydus & constantly adding new Queens into the Nydus. The less drones the more all-in this is, but I don't see why you couldn't do this off of as low as 38 drones (2 mineral lines full, 2 gases)


Replay - Dark's Speed Dropperlord Queen Nydus

Build Order

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  13  0:12  Overlord  
  16  0:50  Hatchery  
  18  1:10  Extractor  
  17  1:17  Spawning Pool  
  20  1:49  Overlord  
  20  2:04  Queen x2  
  20  2:05  Zergling x2  
  28  2:17  Metabolic Boost  2 drones off gas
  30  2:43  Hatchery  
  31  2:51  Queen  
  33  2:57  Overlord  Next 2 larvae from main after this overlord pops, make drones, rally back into gas
  36  3:09  Overlord  
  42  3:27  Queen  Constant Queens from here on out from all Hatcheries
  44  3:32  Overlord  
  46  3:42  Queen  
  49  3:57  Zergling x4  
  49  3:59  Queen  
  53  4:09  Lair  
  58  4:19  Extractor  
  60  4:26  Queen  
  60  4:29  Zergling  Constant Ling Production from here on out
  70  4:51  Pneumatized Carapace  
  70  5:05  Queen  
  82  5:20  Nydus Network  
  85  5:34  Baneling Nest  
  96  6:05  Nydus Canal  
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  • Once you're at 2 base mineral saturation + 1 gas filled prioritize making constant Queens from all 3 bases
  • 4:00 Lair + 2nd Gas
  • 4:45 Overlord Speed (other than Lair & Overlord Speed Hatcheries should always be making Queens afaik)
  • @Lair: 2 Dropperlords + send Queens across map + Nydus (Try to have lings harassing/poking around at the 3rd to distract the opponent)
  • Next 50 gas: Bane Nest
  • Dropperlords catch up to 6~7 Queens, load the Queens into the dropperlords & head for the opponent's main base
  • Once you have vision of the main drop the Nydus there & then unload the 6~7 Queens to protect the Nydus. After dropping out the Queens have the overlords poop creep so that you can transfuse. At home load Queens + 2~3 drones (to make spores/spines) & set the rally point of Hatcheries to the Nydus so that all lings are reinforced through the Nydus
  • Morph Banes offensively or defensively as needed (if not vs Double Stargate you may face single Stargate into say Glaivedepts, vs this type of play you'll want some lings at home not going through the Nydus, & a bunch of Banes at home so that you don't lose many drones & can afford to keep massing Queen/Ling/Bane/Static Defense offensively)

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  • Created by: 4thJobHokage
  • Published on: Apr 15, 2022
  • Modified on: Apr 15, 2022
  • Patch: 4.11.0
  • Difficulty: Medium
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