Taken from uThermal's "Unbeatable TvT Build - Terran School #39" YouTube video.


Build Order

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  14  0:17  Supply Depot  
  16  0:40  Barracks  
  16  0:44  Refinery  
  17  0:58  Refinery  Rally 17 SCV to scout opponent
  20  1:29  Orbital Command, Reaper, Supply Depot  Wall-off base
  20  1:44  Factory  
  21  2:01  Barracks Reactor  Don't build if opoonent is proxying you
  23  2:28  Hellion, Command Center  Same scouting SCV
  25  2:37  Reaper x2  
  29  2:50  Hellion  
  31  3:06  Starport  
  31  3:09  Reaper x2  
  34  3:13  Hellion  
  37  3:28  Refinery  
  38  3:37  Factory Tech Lab  
  38  3:41  Marine x2  Constant production from here
  41  3:53  Starport Tech Lab  
  41  3:56  Cyclone  
  45  3:59  Marine x2  
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-The goal is to get five Reapers and three Hellions to make a push at your opponents base.

-Before the push, keep your units on your ramp so you can quickly access your main base if your opponent comes in with Reapers.

-The good thing about this push is it happens a little late. So most of the poke has already been done by your opponent. This way you're not leaving your base unattended for an attack.

-Back up if your opponent has a Siege Tank.

-After your initial push has taken place, you transition into a normal TvT setup: Two Raven's, Tanks, Marines, Vikings. But you can transition into Mech if it suits your playstyle.

-If you move into getting Vikings, get your third Command Center down first. Vikings are really expensive.

-A good move-out timing is 6:20 with two Raven's and two Tanks.

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  • Created by: zebulajams    
  • Published on: Dec 08, 2021
  • Modified on: Dec 08, 2021
  • Patch: 4.11.0
  • Difficulty: Medium
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