This Buildorder ist for Beginners trying to learn the Basics of Zerg Macro Game. I've created this for myself and other Beginners as a Measurement to compare yourself. I didn't execute this B/o perfectly so take the timers and supply numbers with a grain of salt. I'm a returning SC2 Player, I started playing back in 2017 and played for about half a year. My Peak Rank was D1 with Zerg. Since Then I haven't played SC2 alot. Back then I followed these steps and someone of the name of Storakles from the TAW Clan helped me out alot. This is a byproduct of his help and I highly appreciate you for showing me this stuff back in the day. So if you're reading this, thank you ! :) And shoutout to the TAW Clan back in the day. I migth re-apply !

Replay - 1st Try

Build Order

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  13  0:12  Overlord  Main Scout
  17  0:52  Hatchery  
  18  1:09  Extractor  
  17  1:14  Spawning Pool  
  19  1:38  Overlord  Your Natural against Cheese
  20  2:04  Queen x2  Infuse Queens
  20  2:05  Zergling x2  Scout/Def Lings
  26  2:13  Metabolic Boost  
  26  2:14  Action  pull 2 drones off gas
  29  2:34  Overlord  
  30  2:40  Queen  Creep Spread Queen
  35  3:00  Hatchery  
  36  3:13  Action  Put Drones back in Gas
  36  3:19  Overlord  
  43  3:30  Action  Scout Main with seccond OV
  43  3:33  Lair  @100 Gas
  44  3:40  Roach Warren  Start Roachspeed when done
  43  3:42  Extractor  
  42  3:50  Extractor x2  
  45  4:18  Queen  Inject Queen
  45  4:20  Overlord  
  47  4:27  Evolution Chamber x2  Start +1/+1 when done
  47  4:33  Roach x11  Make Safety Roached once done
  67  5:30  Hatchery  Take 4th between 5 and 6 mins
  89  6:00  Hydralisk Den  
Spawning Tool Build Advisor. Get it on Overwolf


This Buildorder heavily focuses on out-macro'ing your opponent, while not getting too greedy. If I were to assume this B/o is directed towards players who reachted Gold/Plat and want to take the game a step further into Diamond.

Concept Scouting: Scouting is crucial in SC2, this applies even more to Zerg, because Zerg Players want to play reactively to the actions of their opponents. Meaning if they push econ, you push econ even harder or punnish them by going for a nice push. Or if they produce alot of Army, you'll have to match their army. One of the mistakes a lot of zerg players make is that they get too greedy droning up and then die, because they don't have any Army to fend off the incoming Attack. Thus we scout and follow these steps:

(1) The 1st overlord you have goes to the Natural Base of your opponent and scouts wether or not they have expanded or not. React on Results ! After the scout this OV either goes to their 3rd Base to see if they expand even further later into the game or hides on a pillar to oversee the entrance to their Natural base.

(2) The 2sec Overlord goes to the Edge of their Main, to prepare a scout at 3:30. Once 3:30 has been reached this OV will fly through your opponents main to see what tech building they have and how many producing Buildings they have.

(3) The next few OV's will be sent a little bit outside of your Base to create a nice Ring of Vision. Crucial here are the 2 Overlords on the Edge of the Map to spot incoming Drops.

(4) One very important type of OV that is overlooked is an OV that hovers over your own Bases to see any Nydus Worms/Cheese Buildings. These ones can also be upgrades to Oversee'ers to spot cloaked Units like Observers or Ghosts

Concept Macro Cycle: Ah yes The Macro Cycle, The macro Cycle is a tool for us to not get too overwhelmed by all the things SC2 has to offer. It's a tool to keep us from falling behind in Economy, while we are busy with other things. It also helps us build muscle Memory and each time we do it, we'll do it a little faster and then we have more time to mirco things and think about other stuff c:

(1) Starting off, the first thing we do is Inject all Hatcheries we have with Queens

(2) Seccondly we spent our larvae. This differs from situation to situation, early on we spent it on drones later on maybe on Units.

(2.1) The first 1-3 larvaes ALWAYS are Overlords so we get in the habit of not being Supply blocked.

(2.2) After the OV's we use the remaining larvae for Production/Army

(3) 3rdly we spread our Creep

(4) We proceed to do other task until our inject Queens regained 25 Energy and we begin with (1)

After the Cycle we'll have time to do alot of things, which could be: Build Buildings, scout, harrass the opponent, adjust OV placement, get uprgrades, etc. As mentioned these Task we have to fill could overwhelm us. So to counteract stagnation in economy we apply the Macro Cycle. The Queens should have 25 Energy every 30 secconds.

These are the very Basics you should master, how to react to certain cheeses etc. won't be listed here. I will give great Resources for learning at the bottom of of the Guide.

Resources to improve: -Pigs Zerg to GM This one is the best overall in my opinion. If you look at the whole series and follow each step and REALLY try to improve the concepts he talks about there you'll easily hit Masters no problemo.

-All things Zerg reddit: Good site to improve, not my favourite since you have to dig abit to find resources and it's quite hard to see the credibility of the people who give you advice.

-SC2 Swarm Website: This one is SOOOO underrated. Their guides and concepts are really good.

That's about it. Obviously I could list a few youtubers here but I think PIG is the best one by far. I hope you liked this guide, if yes pls thumb it up and maybe shoot me a message in game so we can play a few games. ( DashDance#21397)

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  • Created by: JWizzly
  • Published on: Nov 23, 2021
  • Modified on: Nov 23, 2021
  • Patch: 4.11.0
  • Difficulty: Medium
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