You want a macro PvT build that offers a lot of freedom, a high potential Skill Ceiling while also basically being a free win if you do it right? Let me introduce you to the Maxpax Macro DT Opener


Replay - HeroMarine v MaxPax: Game 1 - Lightshade LE

Build Order

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  12  0:08  Pylon  
  12  0:12  Probe  
  13  0:27  Gateway  
  13  0:29  Probe (Chrono Boost)  
  14  0:39  Probe x2 (Chrono Boost)  
  15  0:42  Assimilator  
  16  0:55  Probe  
  17  1:08  Probe  
  18  1:14  Cybernetics Core  
  18  1:20  Probe  
  19  1:31  Nexus  
  19  1:38  Pylon  
  19  1:41  Probe  
  20  1:47  Adept (Chrono Boost)  
  20  1:53  Assimilator  
  22  1:56  Probe  
  22  1:59  Warp Gate  
  23  2:07  Adept (Chrono Boost)  
  23  2:08  Probe  
  27  2:29  Twilight Council  
  27  2:32  Adept  
  30  2:42  Shield Battery  
  32  2:57  Robotics Facility  
  37  3:22  Dark Shrine  
  37  3:29  Gateway  
  39  3:45  Warp Prism (Chrono Boost)  
  43  3:57  Gateway  
  45  4:06  Pylon x2  
  45  4:13  Assimilator x2  
  46  4:29  Pylon  
  48  4:37  Dark Templar x2  
  54  4:38  Blink (Chrono Boost)  
  56  5:00  Dark Templar  
  56  5:01  Archon  
  60  5:11  Nexus  
  60  5:14  Dark Templar, Stalker  
  60  5:20  Archon  
  66  5:24  Forge  
  68  5:40  Stalker x2  
  68  5:42  Observer  
  74  5:44  Robotics Bay  
  77  6:06  Stalker x3  
  77  6:10  Charge  
  84  6:13  Protoss Ground Weapons Level 1  
  83  6:28  Shield Battery  
  83  6:29  Colossus (Chrono Boost), Gateway  
  92  6:51  Stalker x3  
  98  6:54  Photon Cannon  
  98  6:55  Gateway  
  98  6:58  Extended Thermal Lance  
  97  7:14  Gateway x2  
  97  7:15  Colossus (Chrono Boost)  
  97  7:18  Photon Cannon  
  99  7:32  Nexus, Zealot  
  99  7:35  Sentry x2  
  103  7:37  Zealot  
  107  7:53  Stalker  
  111  8:00  Zealot x3  
  117  8:08  Shield Battery  
  118  8:15  Zealot x4  
  118  8:18  Colossus (Chrono Boost)  
  130  8:28  Zealot  
  74  9:20  Colossus (Chrono Boost)  
  90  9:39  Dark Templar x4  
  90  9:44  Archon x2  
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The Transition

Now, in a lot of games, you just got some free MMR. You're welcome. Luckily Maxpax is playing vs Biggest of Gabes, who has indeed scouted the DT Shrine earlier. At 5:15, he is grabbing the third base to further transition into the Macro Game, while also warping in 2 more DTs in the front to potentially go for an Archon Drop. At 5:25 a forge is added.

Now from here on out, the game opens up massively for the Protoss, depending on what the gamestate is, and what your preference in playstyle is. The three meta Macro transitions are into a Mass Gate Style with a second Forge, a Storm focused style with a High Templar Archives, or what Maxpax will be showing here: Robotics Bay and Colossi.

With Blink finishing, charge is started, and Maxpax is opting for pressure with the Archon Drop and a handfull of stalkers. Once again trying to punish potential mistakes, without actually committing them. It is ESSENTIAL that we don't lose Starkers unnecessarily. Having a hand full of stalkers in your army is great for Anti-Air and some added damage, however adding more stalkers after this first battle, will not only delay your tech, but production for actually good Core units in your army, aka Zealots.

Micro-wise, Maxpax is trying to get some damage done with the Archons. As Archons are very tanky, the main thing to worry about is to not lose the Prism. Macro wise, we're setting up the minimum amount of Static D (Cannons in Mineral lines, shield battery the base), while getting the gateway count up to 8-10 without building units in the meantime, if possible. That way, the big gateway explosion will enable the perfect abusing of the economic advantage we have gained.

Defending the Counter

Now, if you've macroed well, and did some damage, depending on your transition, you could go for a final push to end the game while taking a fourth base or gases..or both. Gases allow for easier Tech switching, another base allows for more Gateways. However, Maxpax only traded decently here, which means the Terran can go for their counter attack. This phase is now all about vision, knowing where the Terran army is coming from, if it might be dropping. In between the drop and the Colossi, Maxpax has been pumping out observers to gain some vision. If a raven is out, Map vision and vision of main army both is preferable to..well, losing your Observer. You may also add pylons, or even move single zealots / surviving adepts in spots to see the army and drop movements.

If the army is moving out, you want to safely kite the Terran army with your larger range, keeping them from stimming on top of you with forcefields, while baiting out stims, sieges and raven disables far away from where the actual fight will happen. If you did it correctly, the fight will then be happening at one of your bases, fortified with batteries, and an incredible army advantage from your economy kicking in earlier.

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  • Created by: ESChamp    
  • Published on: Sep 07, 2021
  • Patch: 4.11.0
  • Difficulty: Easy
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