TvT in my view is one of the more binary mirror MUs in the game. It's either short and exciting or protracted and boring.

Sept 2nd's GSL Code S Ro16 (Group B) between Maru and Dream was very exciting to watch where Maru achieved a decisive 2:0 versus Dream. Overall the series was short and sweet.

This build comes from game 1 of 2.

This isn't all in. You don't stop making workers.

Edit: Forgot to put in the Starport timing. Also fixed the YT link Timestamp.


Build Order

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  1  0:17  Supply Depot  
  16  0:39  Barracks  
  16  0:43  Refinery  3/3 Saturation. Should be able to rally worker about to finish
  17  0:53  Refinery  3/3 Saturation. Should be able to rally worker about to finish
  20  1:26  Reaper  Reaper -> Orbital - > Supply Depot @1:29
  20  1:42  Factory  Dream/Maru removed 1 SCV from each refinery @ apprx 1:47
  22  1:58  Reaper  
  24  2:20  Command Center  Both built in natural.
  26  2:27  Hellion  
  27  2:31  Barracks Reactor  Dream (Reator -> Starport) Maru (Starport -> Racks Reactor)
  27  2:40  Starport  
  28  2:47  Supply Depot  
  29  2:53  Factory Tech Lab  After Hellion finish. (Both did this)
  32  3:08  Marine  2 After Reactor completion
  35  3:13  Siege Tank  
  37  3:18  Medivac  
  38  3:22  Refinery  2nd CC is completing to raise supply cap.
  39  3:25  Marine  Seems like Dream got supply blocked but 2 more.
  40  3:33  Orbital Command  
  41  3:40  Action  Dream moves out with 2 reaper and hellion as tank and 3rd/4th marine w/ medivac finish.
  45  3:46  Cyclone  Both build at same time.
  46  3:51  Action  Medivac Finish 4 Marines Tank. 2 Reaper/Hellion on ground.
  47  3:54  Starport Tech Lab  Time to attack Immediately after medivac finish. Cont making marines.
  48  3:59  Supply Depot  
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Taken from Dream's perspective however the differences are annotated they are VERY slight such as Barracks Reactor > Starport for Dream whereas Maru goes Starport > Barracks Reactor. Maru had slightly tighter timing as Dream did supply block himself at the end but, see build notes in regards to that.

Another variation occurs when the attacks are underway at both bases as Maru lands in Dream's natural and Dream lands in Maru's main.

Dream responds by making a Raven @ Starport Techlab completion while Maru goes for a Banshee.

I'll leave it to you to decide which is best but, the game ends here with Maru winning.

The attack lands at roughly 4:14 on Oxide LE.

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  • Created by: GoodHunter
  • Published on: Sep 05, 2021
  • Modified on: Sep 11, 2021
  • Patch: 4.11.0
  • Difficulty: Medium
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