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Complete Build Order

  14  00:18  Pylon  
  16  00:38  Gateway (Chrono Boost)  Chrono nexus, scout with probe
  17  00:46  Assimilator  19 probe - rally nat, then rally nexus to gas
  20  1:21  Nexus  3 probes in gas
  20  1:32  Cybernetics Core  start probes again
  21  1:40  Assimilator  
  22  1:50  Pylon  
  23  2:08  Adept (Chrono Boost)  scout map with this adept, do not lose, harass not needed, play safe
  26  2:16  Stargate  
  27  2:25  Warp Gate  
  27  2:31  Adept (Chrono Boost)  
  31  2:45  Action (Chrono Boost)  Chrono the natural nexus after second adept
  34  2:54  Adept  total adept count is 3
  38  3:02  Void Ray (Chrono Boost)  use to clear overlord vision near base
  44  3:19  Gateway  After voidray, second gateway
  46  3:32  Oracle (Chrono Boost)  second unit from stargate oracle - use for quick scout
  51  3:50  Nexus  and pylon at third - one space gap for adepts to sit in
  54  4:00  Assimilator x2  make 2 assimilators at natural now, total 4 gas
  56  4:10  Stargate  
  62  4:25  Shield Battery  shield batteries (1-3, up to you) at third
  62  4:30  Void Ray (Chrono Boost)  continue void ray production at this point
  65  4:45  Robotics Facility  
  65  4:46  Forge  
  67  4:55  Void Ray  at this point both stargates should be making void rays
  70  5:00  Action  Stasis traps at the third and/or natural from your oracle you should still have alive
  75  5:15  Gateway x2  go up to 4 gateways
  90  5:35  Assimilator x2  Assimilators at third
  90  5:40  Observer  send to zerg
  98  6:00  Robotics Bay   shortly after this we need to add shield batteries to third for 3/4 total if not already
  110  6:35  Shield Battery x3  At third, make more shield batteries to defend attacks
  115  6:40  Nexus  this is when we take fourth base
  120  6:45  Action  Collossus if you see hydra, disruptor if you see roach/ravager at this point -- collossus isn't strong against roach ravager timing at this point according to PartinG